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Instant Shawl From Zalora

The Islamic fashion industry is hitting the scene with designers creating new designs of not only muslimah wears but stunning head scarves. Muslim women wear head scarves to cover their hair but there is nothing wrong in styling it up a notch. 

Fashion designers have come up with various new designs of hijabs which includes the instant shawl. Some career women may be rushing to go to work or appointments, mother’s busy picking up their kids from school and working moms who are running errands to balance their life. Due to the reason, these powerful ladies need to wear head scarves which are stylish but very easy to wear on the go. 

Zalora Instant Shawl
Zalora Instant Shawl

There are 3 designs of instants shawls which are perfect for the busy ladies to flaunt every time they step out of the house. The first instant shawl is suitable for women who love taking care of their health and well-being. 

The basic plain hijab will be the perfect choice to wear as it is simple and modest to wear on a day out exercising. The second type of instant shawl is a wrap-around scarf design on an easy-to-wear tudung inner. Women can chose from the wide range of colourful trendy patterns and match it nicely with their outfits. Whether to work, on a vacation or a casual day with friends, the instant shawl is comfortable to be shown off anywhere you go.

The third instant shawl is a ready-to-wear hijab that has a contrasting pattern combined together with a plain matte colour. This shawl is perfect for women who want a more humble approach while still maintaining a slight touch of femininity. Women can definitely style their hijabs without having to stand in front of the mirror for long. 

To grab this easy yet trendy instant shawl collection,Check out ZALORA instant shawl online today!

love Instant Shawl,
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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hello Visitor, 

Welcome on board. Today Adeeb nak introduce our new line under Rompers World. 
We are going to sell baby rompers, kids product and many more to come. 
This line will be register under ForeverAdeeb Boutique.

Please feel free to browse through our new blogspot address :

To enjoy discount, please refer as visitor from and you will be entitled for 20%.

Lot of Love,


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wedding Photo - Groom Side

Hello visitor.

Yesterday I Shared some of the bride side photo. 
So today I will upload some of our photo on groom side. Enjoy your day!

We in Javanese Costume


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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Wedding Photo - Bride Side

Hi reader, 

Welcome back. Today I feel so generous to share our wedding photo after a year of getting married. Oh how fast time flies! Okay I'll make this post as short as possible. Enjoy!

Solemnization Ceremony

Mr. Hubby

 Hakkkkkk Duuuusssshhhhhh, 
baru jadi isteri da tunjuk perangai buruk tu. 
Behave sikit Adibahrisha oi.



3.02pm Friday April, 26 2013 Sah menjadi Isteri dia

Wedding Day

Okay, Will share more soon during malam berinai and groom Side. 

Adios Amigos.

Blog Owner.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Expected Symptoms during Third Trimester.

Dear Visitor/Reader,

Welcome on board. First, I would like to congratulate mummies out there especially those who experienced more than one pregnancies. Congratulation and you deserve a salute from your partner and of course from me, soon mother to be.

Pregnancy will never be as easy as ABC, it seems to be the hardest point of life as a wife/woman. The more you counting the day for baby to pop out, the more difficulties you will experienced especially when you reach third trimester of your pregnancy.

I am not trying to freak you out. It is just a soft reminder so that you will be prepared mentally and physically and be positive always. Did I mentioned A-L-W-A-Y-S? yes, Always. I almost get pregnancy blues. Thank you to Hubby, mom, families and friends for the awesome support and tips. 

Below are some of the well I could say as expected symptoms we will experienced during Third Trimester of pregnancy. But this will subject to term and condition LOL. Some may experienced all of the below symptopm and some may not.

Continued breast growth
Not only pregnancy could change the size of your breast, It will triple the size of your whole body. By now, you might have an additional 2 pounds (nearly 1 kilogram) of breast tissue.

As delivery approaches, your nipples could start leaking colostrum — the yellowish fluid that will nourish your baby during the first few days of life.

Tips: Apply hot pad on breast could reduce the discomfort and get special bra to support your breast. I choose to use SKIVA. Thank you Mother in Law!

Weight gain
By your due date, expect to weigh 25 to 35 pounds (about 11 to 16 kilograms) more than you did before pregnancy. Your baby accounts for some of the weight gain, but so do the placenta, amniotic fluid, larger breasts and uterus, extra fat stores, and increased blood and fluid volume.

Tips : But most of the time, Your midwife or your doctor will keep on blaming you for weight gain and blame your diet. Sometimes you not even take so much food on your daily diet. But you still put on weight. Please bear in mind that you need to be positive!  and not get mad easily when your midwife ask you to reduce weight.

Braxton Hicks contractions

These contractions are warm-ups for the real thing. They're usually weak and come and go unpredictably. True labor contractions get longer, stronger and closer together. If you're having contractions that are painful or regular, contact your health care provider.

Check how often you could feel the contraction based on your pregnancy week.

Tips: Get your hubby to rub your back. I believe it could reduce 30% of your pain.


Haaa no exceptional for this backaches pain. If you think your period backache pain is tougher, get pregnant and feel this. You will cry and scream out loud.

As your baby continues to gain weight, pregnancy hormones relax the joints between the bones in your pelvic area. These changes can be tough on your back. Sometimes I could feel around my waist as well.

When you sit, choose chairs with good back support. Apply a heating pad or ice pack to the painful area. Ask your partner for a massage. Wear low-heeled — but not flat — shoes with good arch support. If the back pain doesn't go away or is accompanied by other signs and symptoms, contact your health care provider.

Shortness of breath
What I could tell about this is, sometimes you feel like you just finished 100km marathon non stop. 

You might get winded easily as your uterus expands beneath your diaphragm, the muscle just below your lungs. This might improve when the baby settles deeper into your pelvis before delivery. In the meantime, practice good posture and sleep with your upper body propped up on pillows to relieve pressure on your lungs.
Tips: Make sure you sit or stand at the open place. Avoid crowd. and don't throw yourself inside the Sardine Can. Or else you will find yourself hard to breath.

During the third trimester, your growing uterus might push your stomach out of its normal position — which can contribute to heartburn. To keep stomach acid where it belongs, eat small meals and drink plenty of fluids between meals.

Tips: Try your best to Avoid fried foods, FAST FOOD(I found it so hard to avoid this, so I reduce one month once), carbonated drinks, citrus fruits or juices, and spicy foods.

If these tips don't help, ask your health care provider about antacids.

Aye Aye Aye you will feel like a balloon in your third trimester. I am trying so hard to keep myself positive. I couldn't wear my wedding ring. I couldn't put nice heel when attending friend's wedding. I feel like a Sumo right now.

As your growing uterus puts pressure on the veins that return blood from your feet and legs, swollen feet and ankles might become an issue. At the same time, swelling in your legs, arms or hands can place pressure on nerves, causing tingling or numbness.

Fluid retention and dilated blood vessels might leave your face and eyelids puffy, especially in the morning. If you have persistent face or eyelid swelling, contact your health care provider.

Tips: To reduce swelling, lie down or use a footrest. You might even elevate your feet and legs while you sleep. It can also help to swim or simply stand in a pool.

Spider veins, varicose veins and hemorrhoids

Increased blood circulation might cause tiny red veins, known as spider veins, to appear on your skin. Blue or reddish lines beneath the surface of the skin (varicose veins) also might appear, particularly in the legs.

Varicose veins in your rectum (hemorrhoids) are another possibility.
If you have painful varicose veins, elevate your legs and wear support stockings. To prevent hemorrhoids, avoid constipation. Include plenty of fiber in your diet and drink lots of fluids.

Frequent urination

When you are at your workplace, you will find yourself running to restroom more frequent.

As your baby moves deeper into your pelvis, you'll feel more pressure on your bladder. You might find yourself urinating more often, even during the night. This extra pressure might also cause you to leak urine — especially when you laugh, cough or sneeze. If you're worried about leaking urine, panty liners can offer a sense of security.

Continue to watch for signs of a urinary tract infection, such as urinating even more than usual, burning during urination, fever, abdominal pain or backache. Left untreated, urinary infections increase the risk of pregnancy complications.

Vaginal discharge
Potentially heavy vaginal discharge is common at the end of pregnancy. If you saturate a panty liner within a few hours or wonder if the discharge is leaking amniotic fluid, contact your health care provider.

As your baby grows, his or her movements will become more obvious. These exciting sensations are often accompanied by increasing discomfort and other third trimester pregnancy symptoms. So What I could conclude right now is there is a price that you need to pay to get something in return. It sound harsh but, Yes its true. As I mentioned earlier, whatever it is try to be as positive as you could. So that you won't feel the pressure during pregnancy. I already share what is expected during pregnancy and at least you will have plenty of time to prepare yourself.

Thank you
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mummy to Be checklist Version ii

Hello visitor, jom checkidaut checklist Adeeb yang entah la, macam tak berubah je. sama je mcm tu la kot. xde yang menambah dan tak de pulak yang berkureng. Tak pastilah apa lagi yang tak settle untuk barang-barang baby ni.

Infant car seat (carrier) - Done
Stroller/Travel System - Done
Front carrier or backpack  - Done

Beds and linens
For this I beli one set Brand Baby Love. Mudah dan settle!
Pillow - Done
Bolster - Done
Comforter -  Done
Mattress - Done
Two to three fitted crib sheets - Done
Four or more receiving blankets for swaddling baby - Done
Waterproof crib liners - Done
Nursing Pillow - Done

Diaper Duty
Diapers -
Baby wipes - Done
Diaper pail -
Diaper bag - Done Simple Dimple XL Diapers Bag

Sleeping outfits -Done
Onesies - Done
Small baby cap -Done
Socks/booties -Done and over-done
Soft, comfortable daytime outfits - Done

Feeding Time
If you're planning to breast-feed: 

Nursing bras and pads - Done
Breast pump - Done Tommee Tippee
Bottles equipped with newborn nipples - Done Tommee Tippee
Bottle brush - Done
Cloth diapers or burp cloths - Done
Sterilizer - Done Tommee Tippee Steriliser

Bath Time
Plastic infant bathtub - Done will be using bathtub age 14years old. Masih lagi in good condition.
Soft hooded towels - Done
Baby washcloths - Done
Baby body wash that doubles as shampoo -Done
Pair of blunt-tip scissors or baby-sized nail clippers -Done
Soft brush and comb -Done
Baby lotion -Done
Natural baby oil -Done
Digital Thermometer - Done

Keeping Baby Happy
Pacifiers - Not sure about this. haven't decide on this. Xmahu dia bergantung dengan pacifiers.

Okaylah. Adeeb rasa ini sahajalah buat masa ni. Im sure banyak lagi barang yang adeeb tak list kat sini. Itu tak apa. soon Adeeb akan hupdate untuk next entry. 

Bila tengok balik checklist ni, baru sedar. Rupanya barang baby ni, nak get ready macam waktu kita nak kahwin-kahwin dulu. Haaaaa bagi yang mahu mendirikan rumah tangga tu, mungkin checklist yang ini lebih sesuai untuk anda :

Alright semua, masa untuk keluar dari blog. Will update soon. Bye Semua.


Yang Benar,

Monday, April 14, 2014

Dear Lil One

Dear Lil One,

You are 29 weeks and 4 days today. 

Which mean I have at least 73 days to go to prepare your stuff. We may not be rich, but we assure you that we will provide everything you need. Oh ya, umi nak share something with you. Last week babah bring me to Klinik Dr. Fauziah, Ampang. We are so curious with your gender. So we decide to scan you using 3D and 4D.

Guest what, we have to wait at least one hour before our turn, just because the baby before you, merajok do not want to show his face to Doctor and his parent. The Sonographer Ms Jezzlynn Told me this waktu sampai our turn.

So lepas umi and babah masuk room tu, Ms Jezlynn tu ask me to baring first. Fuhhh I tell you, banyak gile equipment and monitor dia so big. While she get prepared to show you to us, Babah is just sitting at chair and he look excited. I've never seen him like that.

Since he is so excited, he want to capture my picture. Unfortunately, he forgot to silent his phone. KECEPEKKKKK!!!! Oh myyy myyy myy his phone punya camera sound i tell you, if umi punya kulit is white, surely blushing punyalah. sebab malu. I told him so many time, to silent his phone before taking picture.

Okay When Ms Jezzlynn is ready, So she start to move the 2D scanner around umi's tummy. First I saw Black and White la.  okay we are getting more exicted when she start to do 3D. Then Oh lil one pengarang jantung hati umi babah. No wonder!

Waktu scanner to smpai kat your face, you are sleeping sayang. Itu statement yang sopanlah. You are sleeping. But, I tell you, your tangan and kaki, semua cover your muka. you memang malu ke ape time tu? Ke you tengah nak jadi ahli gymnastic?

You dont want to show us your full face. So Ms Jezlynn got to ask me to mengiring sedikit so she can wake you up. She uli-uli perut umi and say this :

"Babyyyyyy, bangunlahhh....Mama and papa wanna see your face." She pujuk you. I smile. Babah, he senyum while his eyes not move at all from the monitor.

"Babyyyy tepi sikit tangan tuuuu" Said Ms Jezzlynn again. And you move your hand and leg a bit. After you move, we cant stop laughing and shock that you making such expression. You are not comfortable when she wake you up. Your eyebrow berkerut exactly like your babah when i woke him up. I laugh but in the same time, I was so touched. I nearly wanna cry seeing you. My lil one, I love you.

Tak cukup dengan kening berkerut, your sweet lil lips, muncung like you wanna say this;

"Ummmmmmmm siapaaaa yang kejutkan saya tidur ni? I wanna sleeepppp moreeee moreee moreee laaaa umi, babah. I dont want to wake up."hahahaha please behave ya bila you da besar nanti. tak mo bawak perangai babah sangat. hehehehe

Lepas you move your hand and kaki sikit tu, you dont even wake up ya. you are still sleeping. We got to see your full face, Ms Jezzlynn to cakap your lips follow babah's lips while your nose, inherited from me. Auccchhh Lil bit 'Mancung' lah kalau follow umi. hahahah

Lepas tu, when scanner to move dekat your gender, Oh My, you use to nyorokkan your gender when umi buat 2D scan dekat klinik lain, but this time, you proudly wanna show us your gender. Hahahaha Hero umi babah!

Lepas tu, Ms Jezzlynn scan again to your face, Lepas tu you bagi Kick kat scanner tu. You memang active sangat. No wonder umi selalu rase you tengah training football dalam tu.

Alhamdulillah, you sihat sayang. Umi and Babah cant wait to see you. Please be healthy and grow up ya sayang. Tinggal 2 bulan je. Lepas tu, Umi and babah boleh hug you.

Okay below is some of the picture for you. So in the future you got to see you in my tummy. I can only show you this since your paternal grandma want to make everything so exclusive and refure to give us permission to show your picture more to public.

Apa-apa pun, I love you. I love you, and I love you.

Love Umi,
The Blog Owner.

Nota Kaki; Oh Ya, kalau ada mommy2 to be nak pergi klinik tu, you all boleh buat appointment online and address as per below :

Address: 15, Persiaran Desa Ampang, Taman Seri Ampang, 68000 Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia
Phone:+60 3-4292 7917

Friday, March 28, 2014

Meet Our lil One - 2D Scan

Hi korang,

Sekali lagi, ini adalah post tertangguh sejak birthday Adeeb 19 March 2014 hari tu. Happy Belated Birthday to me!

Tak sangka cepat masa berlalu.  Tetiba dah 24years Old. Hope not too young to have baby.
Pada tarikh ini Adeeb da pun masuk 27week and 1 Day which mean another 90days to go! Chaiyokkkk sweetie pie! Keep growing and be healthy!

Kebetulan pulak waktu birthday Adeeb tu memang ada appointment monthly check up di clinic.

So everytime Adeeb going for check up dorang akan print kan 1 copy 2D Ultrasound scan for me. So nampaklah sijantung hati anak umi sedang sibuk menendang. So far I have not done our 3D & 4D yet disebabkan kekangan masa Adeeb dan suami.

Kalau siapa-siapa ada info tentang clinic yang buat 3D & 4D area KL and Gombak, Please lemme know. Preferable kalau tak perlu buat appointment. Walk in je.

Okay yang atas ni, adalah scan yang pertama kami buat untuk check lil one. Masa ni, Adeeb and Husband tak berapa nak nampak sangat. Kat mana baby. But doctor ckp, Ni hah da ade baby! hahaha kompius aku. Tapi we all angguk je lah. Doctor lebih arif.

This photo was taken 03 February 2014 lebih kurang plus minus 4 month lah umur you, lil one. Nampak tak anak umi yang sorang ni? So small. But you are so active. during this time, Doktor Norliza, terkejut that you are so active. When she move the scanner to the right, you go left, When she go left, you go right. Main hide and seek with umi and baba ya sayang? you soooo notti ya.

Disebabkan awak active, Dr. Norliza keluarkan sekali gambar your leg. nampak tak atas ni? Amboiiii kemain ya anak umi ni. Semenjak tu, you memang active lah! Pendek kata, siang umi bangun, you da say 'Morning umi! Assalamualaikum baba! Lets go jogging!'

you akan jog sampai you letih. then you sleep. Bila tengahhari sikit, you akan main tenis. Umi rasa macam, Okay fine, anak umi tengah exercise. Bila petang sikit, you da start nak main football. tak pun swimming kot. kan baby? But I dont mind. Umi enjoy bila you move.

Bila malam menjelma, time ni, you da start dengar slow music. you gerak slow-slow. but sometime, umi cant sleep cause you keep on moving excitedly tell your baba your schedule of the day. 
Baba pun, 'Wow anak kita tendang lah umi!' 
Apologize him, he dont know that you are actually trying to communicate with him.

Okay, this is your latest photo! Jengjengjeng! you are big now honey!
Time ni, Bila Doctor kat Klinik Ibu dan Anak scan you, you haiyyyakkkk scanner doctor tu.
Umi rasa maybe you tengah exercise. Tapi doctor tu mesti rasa you tengah berlatih Kung fu time ni.
Sebab kemain you punya kick tu sayang. ;)

Okay lepas seminggu umi pergi scan you, 
Okay kali ni, pattern schedule you dah berubah, you active when umi tengah Free.
You understand umi better now ya? Sorry lil one, umi lil bit busy nowadays.

Tender and Quotation need me more.
But I never forget you, I know you trying to seek my attention sometime.
And trying to get my permission to move actively.

'Hello umi, boleh tak saya nak exercise?'
Lepas tu umi akan usap you to say YES!
Then baru you start Kick-ing me like non stop.

Ni pun waktu umi type ni, you tengah buat gymnastic kot.
rasenye mcm you pusing 360  degree to the left and right. Up side down. Fuhhhhhh

Fuhhhh Fuhhhh.
Oh ya, nenek belah umi and baba keep on asking us,
anak ni apa gender dia?
Umi tak nampak lagi your gender, but we prepare unisex punya barang.
Tak da pulak we all buy pink, takut haru jeee if you are a boy.
And we all pun xde barang blue, Kalau tak haru jeeee if you a girl.

Okay lah sayang, umi nak start buat tender semula. Lunch hour dah habis.
Umi ada submission Monday ni. JKR & KWSP.
Big tender baby!
Wish us Luck!

Okay lah itu je buat masa ni.

See you later.

Love, Umi.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Source : Google

Aku seperti sebuah perhiasan,
Yang kau simpan, 
Yang kau pamer,
Di ruang luas terbentang dihadapan matamu.

Aku seperti sebuah arca,
Yang kau lukis, 
Yang kau hiasi indah,
Buat tatapan mata kasarmu.

Aku seperti sebuah boneka,
yang mungkin hanya mainan,
yang mungkin hanya teman sepi,
Yang tak pernah kau cuba kenali jauh disudut jiwamu.

Aku cuba mencari secubit pengertian,
Pengertian semua ini,
Mungkin aku antara arca kesukaanmu,
Walau dekat,
Tapi ternyata kita jauh.

Kau terlalu jauh untuk aku capai,
Kau mungkin mimpi dimalam hari,
Bila siang datang menjengah kau hilang,
Hilang jauh dari pandangan.

Aku sepi.
Aku sendiri.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ini Mungkin Yang Terakhir

Warkah ini aku tulis mungkin buat yang terakhir kalinya,
Aku tak pasti bila masaku akan tiba,
Hari ni hari aku diselubung duka,
Tapi bukan aku yang menerima tamparan ini,

Sahabat ditempat kerjaku baru sahaja kehilangan suami beliau,
Baru sekejap cuma bermadu kasih,
Zuriat masih kecil,
Tak pandai lagi menyebut papa,
Papa, papa, papa,
mampukah kau menghafal wajah papamu sayangku?
Sedih! Sayu hatiku!
Kalaulah aku ditempat beliau,
Allah, Allah, Allah!

Zuriat itu, 
apalah nasibnya,
Belum sempat lagi dimanjakan,
Bagaimanalah hidupnya nanti,
Saat orang bertanyakan mana papamu?
Apalah jawaban anak kecil itu?
Mungkin papa belum pulang kerja.
Allah, Allah, Allah.

Apa nasibnya sang isteri,
Semalam kita bersama,
Semalam baru ku peluk cium tangan itu,
mungkin harini, kulihat sekujur tubuhmu,
tak mampu pun nak menghulur mintak disalamkan pun.
  Mungkin ini kali terakhir kau tidak menciumku,
tapi aku menciummu buat kali terakhir kalinya.
Buat terakhir kalinya.
Belum puas aku bermadu kasih!

Semalam aku dapat mendengar suaramu,
biar tak merdu,
cukup buat sedap halwa telinga,
Semalam baru ku lihat wajah itu,
biar tak kacak, 
cukup buat menyedap mata memandang,
Semalam baru ku siapkan makan malam,
mungkin malam ini, 
masakanku tak dapat lagi dihidangkan dihadapanmu,
Allah, Allah, Allah.

Air mataku bergenang buat nasib seorang sahabat.

Entah kalau aku ditempatmu,
kuatkah aku?
kuatkah aku?
kuatkah aku?
berkali-kali soalan ini menerjah benak fikiranku.
Menggasak hebat emosi dan jiwaku,

kalau boleh ingin sahaja aku terbang ke pangkuan suami aku sendiri,
yang sedang sibuk mencari rezeki buatku,
ingin aku peluk cium beliau,
Aku tak mampu.
 Tak mampu kehilangan imamku sendiri.
Imamku masih disini, 
Didunia ini.

Tapi bagi imam sahabatku, mungkin kejap lagi,
jasad imamnya akan disemadikan.
Allah, Allah, Allah, 
pasrahkah atau redhakah beliau?
Tamparan ini beliau rasakan saat ini.
Nasibku? Siapalah yang tahu.

Hanya doa yang mampu ku kirimkan buat kamu.
Semoga kuat,
Semoga kuat demi zuriat mu dan beliau,
Kuatlah sahabat.

Yang benar.



Friday, March 7, 2014

Sambungan Terselak Kertas Semalam

Bile aku mula kan satu cerita aku selalu tulis. semalam....yesterday. bukan niat aku membandingkan hari semalam dengan hari ini. tapi kenyataannya, memang hari semalam tidak sama dengan hari ini.

semalam, cerita ku sedih.
semalam, jalannya bahagia.
semalam, aku jatuh cinta,
semalam, hati aku punah,
semalam, indah-indah,
semalam, hancur kecewa,
semalam, senyum ketawa,
semalam, menangis hiba,
semalam, malam,
semalam, siang!

hmmm, aku bosan dengan jalan cerita yang sama. setiap kali ingin aku selak muka surat yang baru, kertas ku kosong. Bukan pen ku yang melakar cerita-cerita indah didunia. lalu ku biarkan hidup ini seolah sebatang tiang elektrik. tegak berdiri. menyalurkan tenaga elektrik ku pada yang memerlukan. bila angin meniup dapatku rasakan bayu. tetapi tidak ku sama berhayun seperti lalang. tidak aku gugur seperti daun kering. aku tetap berdiri. kaku.
kadang-kadang ku mahu tersungkur jatuh. berlari laju, melangkah setapak ku inginkan perasaan gembira ketawa terbahak-bahak. mahu juga menangis berguling-guling. tapi jiwa ku kosong. salah apa ya? keras benar. ingin ku ketuk-ketuk pintu gate hatiku. biar lentur. seperti rebung bukan buluh. tegas ingin ku lembut-lembutkan seperti adunan cheese cake. ketat seperti ingin ku longgarkan nat-nat supaya skru itu tidak mengetatkan emosi ku.
huh, hampa. bila aku jatuh aku tersungkur. ramai yang ketawa. aku masih duduk menanti tangan yang mahu menurunkan sikit kedudukannya biar setaraf dengan ku, bukan memberi bantuan atau simpati. hell, aku bencikan simpati, aku hanya mahukan erm erm erm...aku tidak mahukan apa-apa. hanya mahukan tangan yang dihulur membantuku berdiri dan bersedia melangkahkan kaki lalu menjadi dakwat hidup ku. kerana sebelum ini kertas ku kosong. dan aku mahu dia jadi dakwat ku, dan melakar sesuatu dikertas itu.
mungkin lakaran . . . [dot dot dot]  to be continue.... (Post April 11, 2009)

Mungkin lakaran itu lakaran bahagia, Mungkin lukisan itu lukisan indah dari sang rumi buat si juli. Mungkin juga lakaran itu hanya lakaran bayang-bayang yang makin dikejar makin menghilang. Aku keliru. Lalu ku biarkan lakaran ku terhenti bertahun-tahun lamanya untuk ku sambung semula.

Kini aku bersedia, Lebih bersedia untuk berkongsi lakaran yang telah lama aku simpan tergantung di ruang stor. Hampir berhabuk tapi masih kukuh dari serangan sang jiwa-jiwa kacau. aku keluarkan lakaran yang terhenti itu. Aku selak ia. aku ambil semula warna-warna kehidupan ku. ku hidupkan warna dengan siraman air cinta.

Hampir lima tahun lakaran ini terhenti. aku angkat berus lukisan yang masih lagi boleh digunakan. ku celup ia dengan warna hijau, segar. Sesegar cinta ku. Aku sambung kan lakaran itu dengan cerita tangan lelaki itu. Dia lelaki yang sanggup menurunkan sedikit egonya, menghulurkan tangannya yang sasa padaku, membantu aku bangun dari kecewa. Dia mahu melangkah denganku. Aku sambut dengan seribu tanda tanya. Kerana aku pasti kalau sudah jodoh biar beribu langkah aku lari, Ia tetap akan menghampiri. jadi 'Aku terima Nikahnya'.

Kini, aku celup pula berus itu dengan warna kuning. aku lakar pula cerita lelaki itu telah menaikkan martabatku menjadi isteri. aku lakar dengan warna merah, semerah cinta kami yang berputik membara. aku lukis sang juli dan rumi yang berjanji sehidup semati, bahagia dan duka bersama. Aku lakar juga sedikit duka kerana hidup tak selalu indah. Ini bukan kisah Cinderella dan sang Putra Raja kacak. Ini kisah hidup realiti pasti ada duka dan luka. Kisah Juli yang kehilangan zuriat pertamanya. Tak mungkin aku lupa. titik jernih menjurai dari mata. warna biru-biru jernih aku hentikan seketika.

Aku ingin habiskan lakaran itu. Tapi aku tahu ia masih lagi belum sempurna. Aku mahu berhenti lagi melakar. Aku hanya manusia biasa. Aku tak bisa tahu apa  akan terjadi esok lusa. Aku biarkan lagi ia terhenti hingga disini.

Kalau aku sudah tahu lakaran seterusnya aku akan sambung.....

Yang Benar,

Blog Owner.

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