Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bright n gloomy

-Poem for someone-

That day, You came to me,
What a bright day, You make it shiny,
I still remember the way you smile to me,
and i still remember how you make me melt.

Oh God ,and i still remember,
how he make me lose control...
Oh damn it i forgot how to chill,
Ah, please it getting odd!

The second time, still you came to me,
But it still look like the first time,
Hey, why my heart beating so fast?
Oh God, He never knew that im so nervous.

We getting close now,
I dont want to look into your eyes,
I'm afraid of fallen love to you,
But Why is it after i look at you,
You make me soothe,

I don't feel the nervousness,
No more.

But that day,
something that i never imagine happen..
hahahaha,im laughing...
I do really enjoy each of my second with you,
Thats all i can say,
Beside aha you look so cute that time...

still i want to laugh...

I Never say that i Love You,
Eventhough i never mentioned,
But in my heart i do,
Its hard to speak out,
Because i know everything is unsure and uncertainty

Proudly to say this,

I miss your smile,
Your chinese look like eyes,
there you go, and i.....?
Just sit here and cry.....

Few weeks before,
i try to step away from your life,
You dont know how hard I'm struggle,
But then...hmmmm
My heart stop beating.

Today again you turn my heart on,
Hey its beating again,
And I'm so happy...
But then....hmmmm
I'll wait for you.....
because I Love you,

This i cannot lie,
My ego just the one who ruined it,
But i dont know why,
I really Love you, 

I do..... 

By me.Adibahrisha.

p/s: this guy is not chinese, NOT my college mate. n he is my BFF. best fren forever. currently. n u, jz dat. we're fren n not more than that...


Anonymous said...

nice pOem..
betOl kew u sndirie yg buwat?
cam x caye jerk..
haha... poem nieh bout ur Life ke??

adibahrisha said...

aah bout my life...not azekli in term of 'life'...

that poem is about how that 'guy' blablabla n wat is my feeling toward him for the first time we meeting until now...

sume stori psl i punye feeling...n kejadian2 diantara kami..itu lah dia...

ARC said...

u jiwaaannnggg

adibahrisha said...

mne ade i jiwang la asfan..LOL.
i tulis ape yg i rase..frm bottom of my heart..
org melayu pngil Natural. asLi.

Ajit (Yazid) said...

omg omg.

ko ke buat poem nih?
ak ske la weyh.

hebat hebat;)

From myspace.

meera said...

ilham sendiri??
so perfect...
t'haru~~ heeee.. =)

Posted by ♥ MeEra on 28 Dec 2008, 15:47
From myspace.

ShaRUL said...

u bwat sendiri????
sape bg inspiration ni???

based on true story ke???

Posted by ShA+RuLe on 28 Dec 2008, 16:36
from myspace

Liquid cool said...


great poem..

but u x ptt gelak sgt..

mke it serious..

then it become more interstng..

u shud not let da feeling..

just tell him..

u'll be a great lover dear..

gud luck..


Posted by ~ s A y aT i D o ~ on 28 Dec 2008, 19:44

from myspace

adibah JamiL. said...


ley wat lagu ar Suwaibah..!!

wat a nice poem..

ley ganti A. Samad Said..

Posted by adibah..♫ ♬ ♪ ♩ on 29 Dec 2008, 10:17

From myspace

faris. said...

kak debah, a malmsteen gurl...hahaha~

Posted by the sally'smoke on 29 Dec 2008, 10:35

From myspace.

Hani izany said...

cool babe!!
like it!
aku nk!

Posted by h a n i on 29 Dec 2008, 10:39
From myspace

Chaz said...


what a great love story.

nice one.

bertuah eh sape laki tu.



Posted by chaz on 29 Dec 2008, 11:01
From myspace

Qisha said...

ley meleleh..
caya la beb..
wt lg bnyk2..
i bce jew..

Posted by qisha A.K.@ gigGLEs pinky IN BluRr (^_^) on 30 Dec 2008, 20:01

From myspace

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