Friday, January 2, 2009


I dont want to be like a Juliet,
I never imagine to be like a cinderella,
What i need is only to be with you.

I let your hand free,
I thought you will miss me,
Then come back to me.

But Im totally wrong,
I saw you laughing with...
I try to scream your name out Loud,
But you never turning back.

I'm searching on you,
I'm Waiting for you,
I'm Crying for you,
All i do is only for you.

This morning,
I told myself to hold your hand,
But things happen that afternoon,
I saw you with someone.
Hurt a lot,
I do hurt a lot now,
I didnt cry,
But i hurt.
In the name of Love,
I do love you,
I swear its true,
and I missed you.
If i ask you to love me,
Would you do that?
The answer is No,
Right b?
why this thing happen to me?
Why do i have to suffer a lot,
Why do i have to hurt a lot,
Why do i have to love you?
Eventhough you read my poem,
You dont even know i wrote it for you,
Or maybe you just prentending
Pretend like you dont know anything,
or maybe u just dont know nothing!

Im sick of you!
Sick and tired!
Yet still I dont want to say goodbye,
Bcoz I love you from bottom of my heart.....

Originally Hurt,


J. said...

I thought u happy dgn dz guy. wut hapen ni? u ok ?

adibahrisha said...

Sure. im ok. thanks J sebb masuk i punye blog.

ARC said...

ok I can see a lot of improvements here..well done.

Well, whom are u adressing the poem to? =P

adibahrisha said...

tq 4 askin. but . adela.

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