Thursday, March 12, 2009

last word. i Love you. (POem)


thou always tell me make it easy,
walk even though it will make you cry,
thou always teach me how to smile,
run run and face the reality.
yesterday i remember i have you,
have you around to love,
the one who inspired me,
the one who filled me.
now, i feel empty,
lonely waiting for you,
seeking for no sympathy,
neither love nor life.
i still love you,
and truly missing you,
how to say this,
later i might harm you.
this feeling make me sick,
i have to stop loving you,
i have to stop missing you,
cuz i dont have chance anymore.
even though i will die soon,
i just want you to know,
the love in my heart will always exist,
loving you,
and always there with you.
this is the end of this love,
its not like a cinderella story,
this is the reality,
we have no chemistry.
cry for nothing...

Written by Me. 

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