Friday, December 16, 2011

Checklist for kekasih hati.

Semalam (Khamis) memang agak busy dengan kerja-kerja office. Kadang-kadang terlupa yang hari ni hari jumaat. Mr. Darling akan ke perak untuk team building. Well, semalam darling datang jemput kat office. Then we heading to DBKL to send few document(Private stuff).

Then Mr. Darling cakap, 'Yang, nak g SOGO x? Ade Year End Sale kan sekarang ni?'
Then me Happily answered 'Aah. Okay gak.'
Lepas dia park lori kerja dia, we all pun gerak masuk SOGO.

Memang really Year End Sale la sekarang ni. Harga memang berpatutan. and we did some shopping. We go with empty hand, We back with full paper bags from CRABTREE and Evelyn (Memborong sakan), US POLO, I wish to have JURULATIH (COACH) but, we still not manage to get at least one Jurulatih item since, we are not afford to have it! poor us! ahhhh never mind. I'm Grateful to what i have now.

Ahhh so after finish do some shopping, around 2130o'clock, he's ready to send me home. Mom are pretty angry on the phone.

"heh you ah girl girl, you cannot go out nite nite. its not good good. you went out with guy. you have to be careful. wat neighbor will talk talk when saw u out out."
hehehehehehe makkk, thank you for your concerned. I'm in a good hand. so do believe him.

Actually I did afraid of going home and mom get mad. Rupanya lepas sampai rumah, they all are having Durian party. Can you believe it, they want me home, just because they want me to join them to eat durian. Adoi! Mom are happy, Dad are so excited. Imran hands are full with durian, Intan are soo cute with durian all over her face.

Then lepas I simpan semua barang shopping and join them having a great durian. Alright after that, I pun pergi la kemas-kemas barang shopping, kemas my room yang macam kandang lembu, then shower then I'm ready to sleep.

So,in the relax mode, I did text darling a very long Checklist! (A R E M I N D E R INDEED!)  Since esok, ( I mean hari ni, Jumaat) dia nak pergi perak. He's kind of forgetful person so I have to remind him, What to bring, what NOT to Forget, and blabla. It is 20 items he must bring. So patiently I key in each alphabet by alphabet in a full form spelling. (Kononnya penting sangat laaa kan sampai eja full full. ahahahhaah)

Checklist :
1) Baju kerja (Baru/lama)
2) Baju Activity (2)
3) Baju Malam (2)
4) Coat 
5) Jean (2)
6) Seluar Trek (1)
7 ) _ _ _ _ _ (_)
8) Spec (Biasa/Formal)
9) Tuala (Mandi/peluh)
10) Sabun Shampoo Berus Gigi
11) Charger Handphone (Nokia/Samsung)
12) Wallet / Duit
13) Camera
14) Seliper / Kasut
15) Buku / Pen
16) Wax, Sikat Bedak Lotion
17) Handphone (WAJIB)
18) Jam
19 ) Stokin
20)  Bawak Sayang :'(

Okay itu jelaaaa. kalau perempuan macam ni laa checklist dia. tapi double lagi panjang checklist perempuan. hehehehehe. So Darling, kalau awak lupe tak tau laaaaa kan.

Happy Checking on the list people. Me surely be very not a happy mode without darling around for 3 days.
Haihhhh *sigh* What to do kan.

With best wishes To York-ian!

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