Friday, December 16, 2011

Compacting messages in Outlook Express

Okay as promised, This post will guide you the steps on how to "Compacting messages in Outlook Express".

Alright, first you must know when and when not to do compacting, Normally those who tend to received more than 600 email per day x 5 months more need to compact their outlook. (If its exceed your email space). It is good if you have time to delete/manage your email. however when you received more than 600 emails per day, Im sure that would be pretty heavy job to do. Some of the emails are important , and some may not. 

The Advantage of compacting message in OE is we may increase and speed up the work of Outlook Express and to decrease the space Outlook Express files take on the disk. It is also important that the more compact your files are the less probable it is that they will be damaged in case of any failure.. So in the future you won't having any issues regard to email space exceeded, email broken, etc.

To compact all files (and therefore all folders) used by Outlook Express, you should select Compact all folders in the File - Folder menu. This photo might help you better visualize on this process. 

This process might takes forever of your time to compact. depend on how big your folder size is.

Okay you also might compact few folder that u wish to compact. Thaat one just in case your other folder is not full. For instance, you can compact only the Inbox folder. To do it, select the folder you want to compact and select the Compact menu item. This will compact only the folder that is current in Outlook Express.

Here are some of the important issues that should be kept in mind.
  • Do not store all your messages in one folder. For example, it will be better if you make several subfolders for the Inbox folder and sort your messages in them. What for? In this case Outlook Express will store your messages in several files making it less likely that you will lose all your correspondence at once.
  • Try to avoid keeping too many messages in one folder (it is recommended not to exceed the number of 2.000 messages). If there are too many messages, follow the first recommendation and divide the folder into several subfolders.
  • Regularly (approximately once a month) compact your folders. If you extensively use e-mail, you can do it more often.
  • The best way to ensure that your messages are safe and secure is to backup your data regularly.
Okay, so happy Compacting people! If you not using Outlook express, then You might get some help from auntie GOOGLE on how to compact your message. ;p Alright. See ya soon people!

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