Monday, December 19, 2011

Facebook Fever! Gerammmm!

Haiii Haiii Haiii . 
Hari ni I nak cakap pasal Facebook yang demam. Bukan demam facebook! Ayat yang berlainan maksud ya.
December 19,2011. tak tau la kenapa, Facebook I dari pagi sampai laaaa ni, asyik buat hal je. Early in the morning I discovered yang my home layout changed?

Its Pretty - Ugly Homepage. Blue in color ( Can't it be pink or any nice green in color at least?)!

Okay, then. This is it! My FACEbook Home tadaaaaaa .
Cantik ke tak cantik?! haiiiyoookk bagitau Mark zakerbek kang(tau benda ni tak cantik)! 

Okay itu story in the morning. after lunch, I discovered this :

Haaaa Nak jadikan Cerita, Lepas lunch

Sampai laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Sekarang ni .

Facebook aku masih lagi demam. Unable to check Notification, Unable to Log in , Unable to do the routine. Haiiiiiiiiiiiii Menyampah! 
Tu tak masuk lagi dengan Facebook Time line. 
Korang suka Facebook Timeline? Well, Its good to have something Timeline. I like it. It's great to have timeline so we can read our past/previous comment, status, update, photo etc etc etc.
But soon i discovered, Its soooo Ugly, and messy. Yes my facebook profile kind of Messy now, I dont like messy things! I love to have a very tidy profile layout at least. Please Mark, Do give me an authority to change my own layout, to rearrange my own profile. Im better on arranging my own layout. Enable third party interface, would you?

itu sahaja lah. In the mean time, Please rectify/solve the problem ASAP! I want it now! Im the customer, So I have right! opsss terlebih sudah kaw bha. Mark da bg Free FB, mcm2 pulak ko nk ber-right2 ni. 

K, you all. jangan lupa, do bring umbrella on lunch hour. 


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