Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lets Call It Ache Day- Stomach-ache / Tooth-ache

Hallo dear diary. I hate yesterday! yesterday would be my very bad day! bad Tuesday! Lets call it an Ache-Day!

3am in the morning 20/12/2011 STOMACH ACHE
- keracunan makanan

- Non stop dok visit toilet.
- Vomiting and _ irit- _irit ! (Do fill in the blank pick any alphabet you wish [BC]. LOL)
- Shaking and Sweating. (IDK why)

11am. Finally I'm done. Now so freaking sleepy and tired!

After 2-3hours of sleeping, I feel like something burning on my gum.
Im having Tooth ache?! Now!
eeeeeuuuww WTF! what happened?!
Alrite to make it short, Darling send me to Dentist. Do check up.

Pongpangpongpang Satu gigi kena Tampal! Hamek kau! saket gileeee! rase nak menangis! nak menjerit. The most i can do is just Tahan saket. Jenoh menahan saket sampai rase nk pengsan je ! So basically the doctor do temporary fillings. which i need to come back again to have a permanent fillings. Cant they do it on the spot?

Lepas je filling session ends, Rase berdenyut gusi n gigi n pipi. :P dalam keta merengek je kat darling. sampai dia pening. Gigi saket, gigi saket, gusi saket, bengkak. aaaaaaaaaaa saket laaaaa. susah nk cakap! tak suka jumpe doktor! cari penyakit je! saket gigi! saket!!!!!

darling senyum je. See sabar gile kan dia layan aku? haiihhh macam mane laaa aku tak jatuh cinta kat kau ni! so lama-lama tengok diaaa muka dia, baru laaa rase saket gigi to slowly hilang. But then having problem nak makan. I cant eat! Cant chew!

Okay laaa dats all for yesterday's night mare!

Yang sakit,

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