Friday, December 16, 2011

Email Marketing Advertisement. READ IT!

Holla Good morning visitor!

How ya doing? Great? Well Christmas is just around the corner! And I, received soooooo many email from do no who. My outlook express now jammed and full!  and I cant received email now. Either I have to delete all the old message or Die! (Well our support team are working hard to help me to solve this problem. Bravo to our support Team! I'm proud of you People!)

I understand, Lots of Companies are sending many email marketing to client every end of the year for season's greeting (But me, even no celebration, I still received so many email marketing! Its like every week other company are having promotion NO END). don't believe me? well believe it! ;p

These few days I received emails for season's greetings such below subject (hehehe I did edit the subject) LOL:

"Merry Christmas and Happy New year! New Cloth, New Bag, New Wife, You Dead!"
"Year End Sale Starts Today! Shopping Shopping Now. If no money Don't Click!"
"Buy Christmas Tree! Very Cheap Cheap, Your head cheap!"
"Look beautiful with our product, Dont use our product Not beautiful!"

And many more email. You like it or you don't, you will still received this kind of email marketing/ advertisement on your email addresses. Tension right? Hahahah. Easiest way to handle such emails are,


You are so mean, people! Why don't you open and spend 2, 3 second read their advertisement! You know, it is not a ONE day job to prepare those Ads/Email. Believe me! They have to spend like 4,5 days to have the best email marketing design, waiting for approval, Edit some, Waiting for approval, Redo again. It's a lot of job involved ya even to prepare a very simple greetings.

Help Them, Open it, Read it! Appreciates other's work. This is how people will treat you, your company in the future. Simple formula, KARMA in good way.

Source : GOOGLE

Well that's all for this post. Next post I'll teach you how to compact message in Outlook Express. See you then.

Hohohoho a very Emo ending kan??
Well, you will not appreciate one things, until you are at their shoes.

Best wishes to email receiver!

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