Monday, December 19, 2011

Win iPad 2 & Movie Ticket Passes! Anyone?

People, Hi! How day? Okay? Alright, in conjunction to Christmas celebration and New year soon, I would love to share this with you guys. Siapa nak menang iPad2 and 2 movie ticket passes? Siapa yang tak mahu kan? Well, This Hosting Provider, now having this contest called : ”Taxi Ads Hunter-Win an iPad2” Contest.
Event date : 21/10/2011 – 29/01/2012
Event location : Klang Valley
Event period : 3 months 15 days
Prizes : iPad 2 (Grand Prize)
:2 Movie Ticket passes (Weekly)

What you have to do to win those great Prizes? Okay dude, Follow below steps :

Event details

1. Participants need to hunt and snap taxi(s) with’s advertisement at the taxi boot-lid.
2. Photograph must be taken with clear visibility of the vehicle plate number.
3. Participants need to LIKE Facebook fan page.
4. Participants are required to upload the taxi advertisement photo taken to Facebook wall.
5. Participants MUST tag at least 15 of your Facebook’s friend and get at least 10 of your friends to LIKE the photo. The most friends tagged, and LIKE(s) the participant’s photo, have the highest chance to win the prizes.
6. Shout at the photo caption: “The only web and email hosting company in Malaysia that provide 24/7 telephone support.”
7. Participants whom do not complete the task as in clause 1 to 6 will be automatically disqualified without assigning any reasons thereof or giving any prior notification.
8. Three (3) weekly winners will be announced every Friday during the contest period. The announcement will be made to Facebook wall.
9. The 100th taxi number plate photo with advertisement at the boot-lid submitted will be the Lucky winner to bring home’s Grand Prize of an Apple iPad 2.
Event website :

Okay senang je kan? Pergi pavillion, times square, Hot spot, Not so hot spot you all pun da leh amek gambar Taxi Ads tuuu. ahhh especially kat LRT2 station, memang banyak.

Tips untuk menang, You all kena laaah kumpul banyak2 LIKE and Upload banyak2 gambar taxi Ads tu! Confirm dapat 2 Movie Ticket passes tu. ;p

Good luck People!

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