Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bila Tutor Act Lebih Dari Cikgu Sekolah.

Satu malam dihari jumaat. 

Nak dijadikan cerita hari ni tiba lah turn I jemput Imran balik Tuition kat Suria Jasa, Diamond Square (My previous tuition center) Selalunya memang jarang nak naik atas jemput budak-budak, kalau tak de perlu.

Tapi tetiba pulak malam tu, rasa nak sangat jenguk Imran kat tempat tuition dia. The receptionists which so familiar with my face, just gimme a smile and greet me as usual (She is so kind, and soft. still macam dulu lagi). So, Malam ni teringin sangat nak monitor si Imran ni. Nak monitor how he behave in the class, Monitor the teacher, Even that nite, Malay's tutor take over the class so far I'm satisfied.
(The glass is one way see through, mean we can watch/monitor the class, and they unable to see us outside)

The CCTv in the class still functioning like the old days. ;p Aiyooo missed the time when i was IN the class.

So after do some short monitoring, me just sit at waiting room. Waiting for class to end. Then the Principal come and approach me.

"Hi _________,(he called my name). Imran sister? how are you."
"Hi sir, Fine. yes, Imran's sister."
"Did you do some monitoring just now?"
"Yes, I did"
"Did you found something changed on Imran?"
"I'm not sure.So far as usual. Anything wrong?"
Yes, he didn't focus in the class, he never ask question to the tutor, He didn't do the tuition homework. The tutor rank Imran as the most quiet person in the class."

source : google.

I was like.. whattt???

"We want them to be hyperactive, ask question, answer question. Especially his math, dropped from previous year. I would like to see your mom next Friday. To discuss about this. Would you be able to tell your mom about this?" 
"Sure, sure why not. Imran is not like my other sister, he's so hard to predict. Sometimes, you see, he love to do the homework. That one is bcz he wants something in return. If not he dont bother to study." 
"We will do our best to help Imran on this."
"How about other subject?"
"We first focus on Math, then only other subject. Math is so important for us."
"Appreciate if you could monitor my brother closely."
"Sure, then see you next week."

Imran waiting outside the waiting room. And jantung I, memang da nak pecah da ni. adoiiiiii aku pun g tuition gak laaa. malas laaa jugak. Tapi takda sampai laaa parent kena panggil pergi tuition. Kenapa laaa passive sangat budak lelaki ni. Ego melampau. (erk ego ke pemalu ke aku pun tak tau laaa) 

Masuk kereta the sister ni membebel tak habis-habis. 

At the end, Imran macam nak nangis. pity him! =_='
Okay laaa "I'm sorry okay???"

source : google. hukhukhuk :(

Adoiiiiiiiiiiii la budak niiiiiiiiii!

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Amyra Azhar said...

kesian imran. apa tutor tu da buat? =,=

adibahrisha said...

the tutor want the best for him, tapi dia passive, so next week bru nk discuss mcm ne nak tukar perangai my brother ni.

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