Friday, January 6, 2012

iPad 2 Giveaways

Hai people, Still Remember last time I did post about iPad 2 Giveaways
Okay for your information, the contest is end soon. 23 more days to go! I wish I could join the contest and win the apple iPad 2! (How I wish to join! :(

I NAKKKK sangat ipad 2 nieee :(

So, If you like to get the iPAd 2 FOR FREE (Siapa la yang tak nak kan??) 

kindly proceed to the below link, and join their contest! 

Its sooo easy! So freak-ing easy mizy yaaa! You just send your entry they will surely give you Movie ticket Not One, But 2 vouchers! then you will stand a chance to win Apple iPad 2!

What you need to is just :
1 ) Snap Ads on TAXI boot lid
2 ) Upload the photo to FACEBOOK page.
3 ) Paste the given TAGLINE :  “The only web and email hosting company in Malaysia that provide 24/7 telephone support.”
4 ) TAG your Friends
5 ) Collect LIKES!

Walaaaahhh and you get the movie ticket! 2 movieee ticketsss u'ollll ! Mne nak dapat Free kan?

ahhh ni ah dia contoh Webserver punya Taxi Ads. You all kne captured advertisement macam ni. punya advertisement je okay! Then boleh menang iPad 2!

CONTOH jeee. you all jgn amek photo ni okay!

Salam Sayang dari,
Blog owner!

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