Saturday, January 21, 2012

LOVE : Not settled Yet

Lemme tell you one true story.

it happened to my friend. she lived at one village not far away from town. 
she's just a normal person who wish to love and beloved. 
she never look at one's pocket, 
she don't measure one's beauty, 
she is just a normal person. she want to love and beloved. 
she met few guys in her life. 

one from a very poor family. she know the guy because she heard the rumors that the schoolmate do the matchmaking for them. she likes the guy. but then the guy isnt for her. the guy isnt serious. she left the memory in her primary school.

She move to her lower secondary school, she never thinking of falling love. but then, she just fallen. to some one in her uniform team. she then realized. the guy isnt for her. the guy met someone which better than her. she saw them in restaurant on her way to tuition centre. She left the broken feeling on her lower secondary school.

Its the time for a big examination in her life until she knew someone. this guy at first so friendly but at the end of the relationship he is so egoistic. he's quite small in size. she met him on book fair. then she discovered he isnt for her. the guy met someone else.

The examination's end. She now wait for the result. she now working at the lawyer firm. She's so free in the office. She then start get close with social networking. until she met someone. which her senior in the school. this guy is a bit weird. he really do! he's quite annoying at first but then she get used to this guy so called weird action. 

She just too naive when it come to love. she cant differentiate the meaning of true best friend and the true love. She then discovered this guy isnt serious, he's just not for her. if she didnt make a move, she will then suffered a broken heart forever. She left the guy and their memory. 

Years after that, she again met someone in her cousin's engagement day. This guy is a normal guy. which came to someone's engagement day with 'kaki berbalut'. she just dont like the guy. but she still have to do the job assigned to her to capture the engagment day momento. She then do the photo editing. she just realized the guy with kaki berbalut was in her album. she look at the guy everyday and made the picture as her wallpaper. there is something in the guy then she dont really know what is it? 

what happened to her heart? cant stop beating whenever she look at him in the picture. She text her cousin if is it okay to know this guy. then the next day, this guy did text her. she so confused but she dont refused to know him more. she just being herself. she is just a normal person who want to love and beloved. 

 there is no never have the sign that this guy isnt for her. The guy never left her alone. what she have to digest is, she just cant live without him anymore. day become week, month to year. they never have a single fight, they are like a really perfect love story. 

then as she read lot of article mentioned after few year of couple you will realized every guy will changed from good to bad. she just cant understand the statement as she never discovered any fishy situation in her relationship with this guy. because of the article,   she now become too passive and too careful. 

she dont trust the guy anymore. she just dont believe him. how can a guy become so perfect in this love story. she discovered a lot lie on past relationship, but now it so difficult to even detect a small mistake from this guy. Is he really love her? She dont have any idea. she never believe to guy. but what she know is, this guy is able to draw a smile on her face and can easily make her cry.
even just one word, he seriously can make this girl cry. 

"Remember, I always love you."

Is he the one for the girl? she never knew. But what she knew now and forever she always do the doa to ALLAH to make this guy her husband now until to Jannah. 

Masya'Allah, to love some one ajnabi is a sin. Redhai lah hubungan ini. pertemukanlah jodoh ini segara yang mungkin.

She never knew what will happen next. She is just a normal person, she want to love and beloved.

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ur story??

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dhiera : ;)

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