Wednesday, February 29, 2012

FO !!!

Dear beloved visitor, how you doing? Great? 
Thank you for visiting my humble live diary. 
Appreciate your time.

So, first time here? No worries, 
you may take your time reading my oldest post on your free time. 
If you interested of doing so. No force. 
Well today I would like to suggest you guys 
to read one of my previous post first. 

This would be the second episode for above post.

Today, first time in my life, first time in the career, 
I was so speechless, lost and wohooo! 
WTF is happenin rite here rite now dude? 
WTH is dat?

For the first time here, i received a FO! 
even thought its not for me, But FO? 
how can u use such F word on formal matters?

FO is not a boo! 
If you can read between the line. 
or to those who used to the word only 
knew what does FO means. 
Fuck OFF! FO people?

I just dont understand this type of people. 
How can you FOR GOD sake, 
How can you judge the whole content 
just by the first 2 word of the subject line? 
You dont even finish reading the subject line, 
and you speculate the whole content?
Wow, you good man!
memang sedare pak belalang, you dude!

WOoooo, that one is awesome Carlo! 
Bravo to you smartness! Bravo dude!  
Seriously you did a good job there. Bravo! 
Seriously it shows your stupidness Carlo!  

Dah lama sangat kan aku tak mensaaruts ni? 
haaaaaaa dulu lepas habis college, 
aku da janji nak tinggalkan saarut2 ni. 
Terima kasih kerana buat aku tersarut2! 

I should join angry bird for Anger Management Now! 

Tetttttttttt After a second of joining anger management,
I just realized, Eh, I can handle high working Pressure.
No worries. 

Shhhheeettt !

Blog Owner is not Cool Yet!
You can try to approach her the next day.
Thank you.


Air Mata Bahagia

Bukanlah janji setia pengukur,
Bukanlah kata manis menimbang,
Bukanlah sumpah ikrar mengikat,
Bukanlah air mata yang memutuskan.

Tak sanggup lagi mendengar,
Kata yang dibisik lembut,
Bercerita mimpi cinta,

Jangan diungkap,
helaian lembaran yang duka,
kerna ku pasti kau tahu.

Mimpi mainan sepi,
terhiris hati kerna 
kebenaran bukan di mimpi

kau mengerti apa yang dihati
tak mungkin mendua
membelah hati.

seka air matamu,
kerna kau lelaki.

cukuplah sudah 
akhirnya ku tahu kecil besar mana cintamu
sudahlah sudah 
akhirnya ku tahu ikhlas mana kasihmu

kau buat ku mengerti
kau tahu aku bahagia
disamping mu.

Blog Owner

Monday, February 20, 2012

No space!

"Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards"

Hi everyone, How are you today?
wish you have a great day.

Read my introductory statement??

 Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.

No matter what happened in between,
There is no way back,
Life must go on.

I, stand here,
Regret of past,

No undo button,
No eraser, 
No time machine,
No one go backward,
No backspace,
No back,
No space,
No sympathy,
No voice to scream,
No place!
No you!
No Me!
I hate Me!
I hate you!
I hate this!
I hate that!
I hate!
I hate! 
I seriously Hate this! 
Let me scream out loud!
Let me throw!
Let me Go!
Let me fall!
Let me!
Let me!
Let me!


Friday, February 17, 2012

Colours to pick!

Last week, I was so freak out. 
My tailor gimme a call, ask me to send my kain ASAP. 
She will be away from KL for few weeks. 
So, just imagine I was so busy during the weekday, and the weekend too.
And I dont have time to go survey for my kain properly.

So last Saturday nite after home from Wedding invitation at Rawang,
I told mom to accompany me and help me to find my kain on the next day.

As promised the next day after another wedding invitation, 
Me and Mom (without darling), 
Went to Jakel.
Actually I dont have specific theme or colors in my mind.

I just let Mom,
which have more knowledge on the fabrics material than me,
 To pick any materials, colours she like on behalf of me.
So she just touch all materials on the bridal floor,
 and think which colours suits me,
She cant stop telling me,
this material like that, 
that material like this,
So I just ha.. okay..okay...anything you like.
The salesgirl tak habis2 puji I.
"Baguih laaa dapat anak macam ni, semua dia bagi kat mak dia tok wat keputusan. Baguih naaa"
*Big Smile*

So when we at the beaded chiffon section, 
Mom told me, 
"takkan la nak pakai chiffon ni, macam kain raya aje."
I rase macam mau nangis. 
Ada satu kaler tuuuu...memang I aim sangat! memang cun! 
even mak cakap macam kain untuk hari raya pun, tapi cun kot!
Tapi xpe, my mom tak suka. 
tak nak la derhaka. 
lupakan sahaja.

So we go to lace section.
Few colors grab my attention.

My problem with lace is,
Bila salah buat design nanti, 
I akan nampak extra gemok!

Thats Why I dont like it. 
Even the price hampir2 mencecah RM1.2K per set.
Mom pick the creamy yellowish, green mint lace with beaded. (mcm tu la kaler kain dia). 
Match with the satin lining.
I told mom I wanted to do ropol2 at the kain bawah tu nanti.
So kat bawah tu, kena guna material chiffon and lining satin,
yang baju lace with satin lining.
Tapi bila cari-cari tak de pulak chiffon yg kena ngn kaler tu.
Kakak sales tu terpakse gi bawah g atas tok carik.
Tapi memang takde nasib no chiffon colours matched for my lace.

Mak cakap tak payah la buat ropol-ropol tu. buat mcm biasa je.
Dalam hati sedih la jugak.
but she's my mom. 
How can I say No?
So oklah mom. 
Whatever you wish.
So da potong2 the kain and net for my veil,
we all pun pi byr. semput jugak laaa.
nearly to thousand.
untuk I punya baju sahaja. 
Takda untuk lelaki.

So, itu jela. Now nak pening pikir dok
kaler pe nak wat my so called mini dotdotdot tuuu.
ish I nk warne putih cream2. mcm kaler champagne creamy tu.
So sekarang memang hunting for the kaler laaa.
FYI, ni semua akan di DIY oleh my parent sendiri.
All the foods, flower decorations, mom will take over.
The panel and lighting, Dad will take over.

So many thanks for them.
Thank you so much. 
mana nak dapat parent yang baik mcm ni.
Even kdg2 I selalu saketkan hati mereka,
dorg tak pernah nak amek hati pun.
;( memang nak nanges la cmni. 

So below would be colors that could help you guys in the future, so happy picking up colors ya
Mine is sassy yellow + french vanilla

source ;ZSD bridal

So itu je lahhhh experience I mencari kain.
Oh ya, lupa nk mentioned, 
My flower girl a.k.a my lil sister,
She will have a dress with FRENCH VANILLA color too.


Nandos Perli KFC


Selepas insiden Pekerja KFC menumbuk pelanggan mereka di KFC I-city (which the customer reserved the penumbuk), Nandos mengeluarkan advertisement mereka yang berbaur perli untuk KFC. I shall say, NANDOS good at making fun of their competitor. Yet people still choose to spend their money to KFC & McDonald. *Wink*

Malaysia - Taking a cheeky swipe at KFC for its latest customer brawl scandal, Nando's Malaysia is running an online campaign which reads "We're good at punchlines not punches".

Uploaded on the Nando's official Facebook page, the tagline of the ad is followed by:
"At Nando's, we're always about putting a smile on your face, instead of a fist. So for that, why not pop into our restaurants and enjoy our world-famous Peri-Peri chicken that packs a real, tasty punch."

According to a Nando's spokersperson, the ad was mainly to remind customers of its excellent service and "best tasting Peri-Peri Flame-Grilled Chicken."

KFC was recently put on the spot with a video of its customers being assaulted by its worker at one of its outlets, doing rounds in the online space.  

Nando's ‘punchy' new online ad saw over with over 3000 ‘likes' and ‘shares' on Facebook after being uploaded last afternoon, drawing many comments by netizens praising the clever ad.

Upon the ad being uploaded the company said it has seen a high level of customer engagement on both its Facebook and twitter pages, however, the number of fans/followers increased is yet to be ascertained. This is not the first time the company is taking a dig at its competitor. Last year the brand launched a multi-platform marketing campaign "PERI-volutionise Your Health" along the same lines.

The campaign featured a fictional, South African, General Kenako, in a parody of KFC's loved Colonel Sanders character, and ran with the tagline "our general beats your colonel".
Creative Juice\SIL is Nando's agency in the market. (A+M)


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

" Grand Prize Winner for Apple iPad2"

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – February 15, 2012 – Malaysia pioneer web hosting provider, today awarded the lucky winner for "Taxi Ads Hunter-Win an iPad2" contest with prizes worth over RM 1,900.

Ms. Khor Yih Phing has been announced as the grand prize winner for the "Taxi Ads Hunter-Win an iPad2" contest, which entitled her to win Apple iPad 2. The grand prize winner, Ms. Khor Yih Phing from Cheras was clearly delighted at her stroke of luck. “I can’t believe it that I could be the lucky winner for “Taxi Ads Hunter-Win an iPad2” contest. I am really grateful to for this wonderful iPad2!” she exclaimed.

After the prize collection event, Business Development Director, Mr. Alfred Lim had officially closed the "Taxi Ads Hunter-Win an iPad2" contest for the year of 2011/2012.

In the event, Mr. Alfred Lim that also the founder of said, “The contest is part of our ongoing commitment to reward our loyal customer as well as fans that have contributed to the success of, 13 years in the Web hosting industries.”

Mr. Alfred Lim also added on his speech that, will continuously provide the best Web and email hosting services to customer and will organize more contest in the future to reward the loyal customers and fans.

More information about the contest and the winner for "Taxi Ads Hunter-Win an iPad2" contest available at:

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

First Day: Collagen Catalyst

source : facebook

First day makan Collagen Catalyst :
Experience yang tak tak dapat nk dibayangkan dek lidah tak dapat menerima apa sahaja bentuk ubat-ubatan.
erkkk Collagen ni termasuk dalam kategori ubat tak?

secara jujurnya, sy memang takut dengan ubat! serious la dow!
walaupun bau dia sedap. macam bau serbuk perisa anggur, tapi bila masuk je, rasa pahit dihujung-hujung nya.

memang rasa mcm nk muntah. ni ade lagi separuh yg belum di makan. makan sikit minum air satu gelas. Ini sudah dikira sebagai pencapaian yang terbaik. sebab at least dia boleh masuk dlm tekak sy. kalau tak. jangan nk harap2 la kayh.

Misi akan bersambung lagi nanti. Result : aiiihhh baru makan separuh paket, pada hari pertama, manalah nak nampak result dia kan? ;( sedih laaaa ni. knapa laaaa tak suka sangat makan ubat. nyusahkan org betol laaa lidah ni!

Sekarang ni tak pelaaa parent boleh jaga kalau saket. nnti da kawen sape nak jaga. Dah tu, time pregnant takkan tak nak makan any supplement. pity my baby! (yg time pregnant tu, Mr darling yg dok complaint bila sy tak nk makan ubat)

Yang Susah Hati,

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Hai bride2be, Hai everyone,
welcome back.

B2B semua, are you looking for contractor untuk
renovate rumah you all sebelum majlis walimatulurus kalian?

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Kerana Sekeping Gambar !

Hanya Kerana Sekeping Gambar,
Dia yang aku kenal bukanlah yang begini,
Dulu keras benar hatinya,
Intonasi juga berbeza,
Matanya garang,
Bibir jauh sekali mengukir senyuman.
Kiasan jauh sekali diadaptasi.

Hanya kerana sekeping gambar,
Dulu dia tidak seperti kini,
Dulu lagaknya kasar,
Bahasanya kesat,

Hanya kerana sekeping gambar,
Ah, bagai sukar dipercaya!
Dia jauh berubah,
Aku saksi setiap perubahannya,
Dulu dia biasa sahaja,
Kini bagiku dia jauh luar biasa,

Hanya kerana sekeping gambar,
Dia jauh berubah,
Sejujurnya dia jauh lebih baik,
Tuturnya lembut,
Matanya redup,
Bibirnya penuh dengan senyuman,
Bahasanya penuh dengan kiasan,
Lembut bicaranya,
Intonasinya juga berbeza.

Hanya kerana sekeping gambar,
dia mampu buatku terharu,
Hanya kerana sekeping gambar,
Baru aku sedar akan perubahannya,
Hanya kerana sekeping gambar,
Baruku sedar kematangannya,
Hanya kerana sekeping gambar,
Baru ku tahu niat hatinya.

Hanya kerana sekeping gambar,
tiada apa yang mampu terucap.

Wish we could grew old together.



Tasha Manshahar

Hai visitor. 
Comment allez vous?

hope you feeling great. 
dont forget to consume more water,
More vegie and be healthy!

Post kali ini berkenanaan Tasha Manshahar.
Sound familiar? Great!
Lovely kan nama Tasha ni?

source : coral studio

Well, Ai admit, bukan selalu adeeb nak post berkenaan Malaysian Entertainment!
Memang seingat adeeb la selama 4 tahun berblog ni, 
memang jarang sekali Adeeb cakap pasal isu-isu entertainment ni.

Apa yang tergeraknya nak tulis review berkenaan 
Tasha Manshahar ni ialah,
Berkenaan suara beliau.
She have a really nice and superb voice. 
memang sedap didengar!
entahlah sekali dengar memang terjatuh chennta dengan voice Tasha.
Syukur dikurniakan suara yang merdu.

You all boleh dengar di youtube. just type Tasha Manshahar!
My fav cover is Mr. Saxobeat by tasha and syed!

And my another fav one is price tag! 
My, My Aiii rasa mcm nak dance ya! 
memang suka sangat dengar.


To Tasha and friends, Good luck ya!
Do more cover!
we love to see you sing!

Blog Owner!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

SELF MOTIVATION : All men are worthy!

All men are worthy and no one is useless 
We are likely to conclude that an employee is useless simply because he has performed unsatisfactorily in a certain job. But in truth, the fault is ours; we have failed to bring out the best in him. It is important to believe that all people are worthy and useful. 
There are few things that can be highlighted from the statement mentioned before.

 First is TEAMWORK.
TEAMWORK is the most important element in the definition of group work. Johann Wolfgang says;

“Knowing is not enough, we must Apply! Willing is not enough, we must Do!’

Knowing what is teamwork is nothing if you do not know how to apply in your team, thus, you should be part of the team, be practical and work together. Without strong teamwork, people will easily blaming each other even though it is not their fault. Without solid teamwork, we will never achieve the team goal. We often have the selfishness in ourselves that could cause team de-motivation. Hence it is important to remove the selfishness in ourselves and work together as ONE TEAM!

One goal is made of believe in ourselves plus trust in others as one team and achieved the goal set. Teamwork is all about divides the task among the team member and multiplies the success. The trust in others comes when the task divided to team member. The goal can be achieved when you believe in yourself and you believe in other’s ability. That is why the team will have the full control to determine the goal outcomes. 

So, if you do not believe in yourself, you don’t trust other’s ability, you don’t trust other’s strength, you don’t believe on other’s idea and experience, you and your team will never achieved any goal set and you will never improved. 

So believe in each other is the key to success when you work in team. 

In a team no matters what happened you have to be Positive! There is always a way to solved problem. Do not make things worse, solved the problem on your way which suits others. If one person does not make a moved then forever your team will never be able to change things.

Or perhaps you and your team could find something positive to say to yourself and repeat them often. Use statements such as "We a very positive person," "We are very capable," "We can do anything when we put our mind to work on it," and "We can do it."

Fourth is HELP OTHERS, and Others will Help you.
Not everyone is capable of doing things. But as team member, we can help each other, by identifying everyone weaknesses and turn them to team’s strength. That is why All men are worthy because each one of us have our own strength and weaknesses. So do not blame others weaknesses or others fault as you are not perfect either.

So, how to solve this imperfectness in ourselves?
We have to work as team! Share the strength! And multiplies the success and the outcomes!

Lastly, Group brainstorming!
Having a group brainstorming is essential as it can be seen as the most important element when it comes to job quality. This is a great medium or session which group members gather together to discuss about how to improve the team work? How to improve the team’s attitude? How to create a good working environment? How to increase team’s motivation? How to handle this? How to handle that? How to solve this? And, how to solve that?

By doing this, we could improved our job quality, increase team member’s motivation, improve workplace environment and this will lead to good branding when clients able to see the strong team work between the employee.

So, that is all for today. Thank you for your time.

Written by,
Blog Owner for Morning Sharing session, damansara.

Masakan Paling Mudah

Hai you all. hari ni, short entry je tau! Photo with recipes.
Sebab adeeb ni asal cuti panjang memang tak lepas untuk memasak je. 
Ni je la sebahagian dari hasil masakan saya yang tak seberapa ni.

Baby Sawi with Oyster Sauce/Sayur goreng

Ingredient : 
Sayur apa-apa sahaja.
5 ekor Udang
Hirisan Cili Besar
Hirisan Bawang Putih
Satu sudu Sos Tiram
Sedikit Garam
Sedikit tepung jagung yang dibancuh dengan air.
sesudu minyak masak
Cara-Cara memasak.
Rebus air hingga mendidih. celur sayur. toskan.
Di kuali, masukkan minyak masak dan
Tumiskan bawang putih,
Masukkan Udang, sos tiram, garam, tepung jagung dan cili besar.
Tuang kuah diatas sayur.

Soup Lala
Ingredient :
Lala (Kerang)
1 biji Bawang Merah dihiris
3 biji cili api di belah dua
1 Batang cili besar dihiris
Garam/ajinamoto secukup rasa

Cara-Cara Memasak :
Didihkan Air dan masukkan lala
masukkan hirisan bawang dan cili-cili
masukkan garam dan ajinamoto.
Tunggu sehingga mendidih, dan SIAP!

Fish Fillet with plum sauce

Ingredient :
Daging ikan dipotong dadu
Minyak, Garam, gula
1 sudu Tepung Jagung
4 sudu besar Cili sos
5 Cili padi
1 batang cili besar
1 biji bawang merah dipotong dadu
4 biji bawang putih didadu kecil
8 hirisan halus halia
Cara-Cara Memasak : 
goreng ikan bersama tepung jagung
kemudian tumiskan bawang2
masukkan cili sos, garam gula
masukkan cili, halia,
Then tuangkan sos pada ikan yang telah digoreng

Vegie Cucur
3 cawan Tepung Gandum,
Pelbagai jenis sayuran
Boleh masukkan ikan bilis
1/2 cawan air
secubit serbuk kunyit
hirisan daun sup

Cara-Cara Memasak : 
Masukkan tepung gandum
dan semua bahan-bahan diatas
kemudian masukkan air.
make sure not too much water.
kemudian masukkan daun sup
Lepas tu goreng la.

Sweet Mango Salad

Ingredient :
lil bit of fine sugar Dressing
Or you can pour some nutella.

Okay itu sahaja untuk hari ni. Terima Kasih semua
Adios People.

Blog Owner

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"URBAN VIBE ONLINE CONTEST - cinta seputih salju (PREVIEW)”

Oui oui....Bonne journée à vous,
Comment allez-vous?

Mesdemoiselles et Messieurs,
Kali ni ai memang janji tak mau tulis post Less than 300 patah perkataan okay. ;p
Ala janganlah marah, dah requirement dia macam tu. Nak buat macam mana.

Alahai 300 patah perkataan je pun. bukannya panjang.
Dulu paper SPM bahasa Melayu lagi panjang tau.
Bayangkan macam mana cikgu BM i menanda kertas karangan ai?
misti durang manyak tinson sebab lebih banyak auta dari isi penting tetttttt

(p/s : BM SPM ai A1 tau)

Ah, sabar-sabar, dah tengok title post ni ke belum?
kalau belum, eh jangan pandang title kat atas tu, boleh baca dalam hati title dibawah ni.

"URBAN VIBE ONLINE CONTEST - cinta seputih salju (PREVIEW)”

Good !
Terima kasih kerana SAVE title itu didalam hati.
Now brain you all akan PROCESS title tu betul-betul.


Hah, kan da failed!
macam mana nak success?
belum ada FULL detail lagi tentang contest title tu you all da nak SAVE!

Salam wahai para pembaca, para visitor,
Salam sejahtera pada pada para-para Juri dan para-para juri jemputan.
Dan Salam ukhuwah kepada para-para B2B.

Nama saya Adibahrisha.
Berumur 22 tahun (bulum official tau).
Saya Female
Tempat Tinggal Kuala Lumpur.

Post ini bertujuan untuk menepati syarat-syarat kelayakan bagi men-joinkan diri saya
bagi contest PPM anjuran Urban Vibe Event yang terbaru bagi tahun 2012.

Sebelum saya proceed pada post-post wajib,
Jom cekidaut hadiah-hadiah lumayan bagi contest PPM kali ini.
Alihkan mata anda di-screen vintage dibawah :

Hadiah-hadiah bagi pemenang contest :
Sila terbeliakkan mata anda dengan hadiah-hadiah lumayan ni!

Berminat mengetahui lebih lanjut tentang contest ini?
"SiiiiiLalah click awan nano nano nano nano nano nano nanooooo dibawah iniiiiii ohhhh."
(hah kan da kantoi you all nyanyi awan nano versi Johan Raja lawak!)
Awan nano ini akan membawa anda ke PPM blog
untuk maklumat lanjut.


Syarat - Syarat penyertaan adalah seperti berikut :

(1) Like : Pameran Pengantin Malaysia Facebook Fans Page

(2) Make PPM's new banner as profile picture.

(3) Mempunyai Blog dan mesti Follower blog PPM.

(4) Letakkan PPM's banner di side bar Blog :

(5) Tugasan pertama : "Urban Vibe Online Contest - Cinta Seputih Salju (Preview)"


Alkisah tayiiibbbb,
Saya mula mengenali PPM sejak July 2011,
Dimana masa tu Adeeb masih lagi zero idea tentang PPM,
Maklumlah, belum lagi sampai seru untuk membuat walimatulurus.


Pada time tu,
Urban Vibe Event sedang sibuk mengadakan contest
di PPM punya Facebook Fans Page.
Masyaallah, Hadiah dia you all, memang lumayan!
memang mantap ! Memang meletup okay!
takkan you all tak tau?

And Guess what?
Alhamdulillah pada August 2011,
Saya merupakan salah seorang pemenang bagi salah satu quiz dia.

Alhamdulillah Rezeki masa tu.
Masih lagi teringat time tu,
bersungguh-sungguh study Dina Halim punya blog.
Tangan bergetar. Sejuk seluruh badan.
Eksited punya pasal kan?

Bila PPM announce the winner,
Memang menjerit kat office time tu.
Saya dapat sponsorship
Baju exclusive daripada Dina Halim Bridal Boutique
berharga RM 1,OOO!

Kelas ke tak kelasss korang?
Adeeb masih belum guna lagi voucher tu,
and voucher tu valid hingga 30June2012.

Urban Vibe Event

Secara ringkasnya :
Urban Vibe Event telah ditubuhkan pada tahun 2005.
Sebuah syarikat Event Management yang terletak di Selayang, Selangor.
Yang uniknya, Urban Vibe ini adalah satu syarikat anak melayu kita taw.

Jangan pndang sebelah mata ya.
Sapa kata anak melayu tak mampu mengadakan event sebesar event PPM?
Dengan lebih dari 6 tahun pengalaman mengendalikan event-event ni,
jadi tidak hairanlah Urban Vibe Event ni mampu mengadakan
EventS, PromotionS dan ExhibitionS dengan jayanya. TERBUKTI!

Kalau pada adik-adik,
yang tidak faham kenapa kakak letak S dibelakang
EventS, PromotionS dan ExhibitionS itu,
ini adalah kata panjang bagi S itu :

: Event-event, Promotion-promotion and Exhibition-exhibition.

kata ganda digunakan untuk
menunjukkan yang mereka ni memang sudah banyak
menganjurkan event-event yang berprestij.

Dan yang paling sinonim dengan Urban Vibe Event ini adalah
'Pameran Pengantin Malaysia'.
Ya, Pameran Pengantin Malaysia!

Ya, PPM!
aaahhh laaaa yang dari tadi saya dok cakap tu,
saya cakap pasal Pameran Pengantin Malaysia laaaaa!
Dah kenal dah sekarang ni ?

Pameran Pengantin Malaysia

Pameran Pengantin Malaysia merupakan
satu event yang telah berjaya mengumpul :

wedding-wedding planner,
kad-kad pengantin owner,
para-para sakura Make-Up-Artist,
para-para katering owner,
para-para pemuzik,
Para-para Dj,
dan banyak lagi
Mat salleh says ; Below One roof !

Pameran Pengantin Malaysia
merupakan event yang paling mendapat tempat dihati
para-para vendor yang menyediakan service untuk bakal mempelai,
bakal-bakal pengantin
ibu bapa kedua mempelai,
serta mereka-mereka yang datang
untuk survey-survey untuk walimahtulurus mereka.
See, besar tak peranan Urban Vibe Event di Malaysia ni?

Terima kasih UVE & PPM!
Terima kasih kerana memudahkan kerja kami.
Terima Kasih kerana menyenangkan misi pencarian vendor-vendor kami!

Sebagai pelanggan,
Adeeb amat berbangga dengan kejayaan PPM dan Urban Vibe Event.
Tahniah buat semua yang terlibat menjayakan PPM!

Memang tidak dinafikan
majlis perkahwinan ini merupakan majlis
yang agak rumit yang
memerlukan 150% penelitian dari pihak pengantin dan keluarga.

Setiap orang mengimpikan kesempurnaan dimajlis mereka.
kalau boleh tak mahu terlepas walau satu benda pun
di majlis yang berbahagia itu.
maklumlah. majlis sekali seumur hidup.
sudah tentu kita mahu yang terbaik.

Ternyata kini PPM bukan sahaja nama biasa.
Ia merupakan destinasi pertama untuk dikunjungi
bagi pasangan yang mahu mendirikan rumah tangga.
segala keperluan yang dicari,
dah terbukti lengkap di PPM!

Adeeb pernah pergi salah satu pameran pengantin mereka
di Ampang Point pada 23-25 September 2011 yang lalu.
Memang sesak sangat.
Penuh dengan orang.
Pendek kata kalau pergi kat Pameran ni,
Lengkap la majlis kalian.
Dari A sampai Z semuanya di Pameran Pengantin Malaysia.

Yang tu tak termasuk lagi dengan
special promotion dari vendor-vendor ni.
Memang pening nak pilih mana satu.
masing-masing menawarkan pakej yang menarik.
Jadi bagi korang yang dah terlepas event yang sebelum-sebelum ni,
jangan lepaskan peluang untuk datang ke pameran pengantin seterusnya.

Pameran pengantin akan datang akan di adakan di :
Venue : Shah Alam Convention Centre
Date : 24-26 February 2012
Time : 10.00 Pagi - 10.00 Malam

Adeeb mendoakan kejayaan PPM bukan lah setakat disini saja.

semoga terusan menyediakan 
pameran-pameran begini untuk kami dan masyarakat Malaysia khususnya. 
jika mampu bertapak 5 tahun di industri ini, 
kenapa tidak untuk 50 tahun akan datang?

semoga maju jaya buat PPM dan Urban Vibe Event.
Serta semoga sukses selalu pada vendor yang menyertai PPM.

Sekian sahaja untuk hari ini,
Jumpa anda di blog post yang lain pula. ;p

Dan jangan lupa baca entry saya yang akan datang ;)
Review tentang sponsor-sponsor contest :
"Cinta Seputih Salju"
Anjuran Urban Vibe Event
Untuk Pameran Pengantin Malaysia.


Friday, February 3, 2012

TECH : Wordpress Vs. Joomla

Benefits of using WordPress


Whether you are building a website yourself or someone is doing it for you, make sure that it is being supported as WordPress content management system because the benefits of using WordPress is simply amazing! You might be hiring someone to do all the work of web developing for you, and you might not be familiar with the technical area of a website such as HTML and programming matters. But with WordPress, you can be sure that everything is as easy as it is.

With WordPress as content management system, you can be sure to have easy control over your site’s content regardless of technical literacy in HTML. WordPress offers multiple users to access the backend of the site at anytime. This means anyone with given permission can access and change the content of their website at any time at all.

In fact if you are keen to try on WordPress, it would be easier than you thought to create a complete website using some of the pre-installed template. WordPress has abundance of resources for you to choose from the plugins and also the theme’s for websites. There are many third party that are developing new themes for WordPress everyday, some are free and some are not. But what it really gives you is the complete control as a user with minimum technical knowledge required.

Aside from having that full control over the website. You website stands a better chance to beat others in search engine. WordPress is known for one of the best content management system that provides great on-page SEO feature. This means you can easily customize the keywords that will help to improve the visibility of the search result in search engine.

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