Wednesday, February 29, 2012

FO !!!

Dear beloved visitor, how you doing? Great? 
Thank you for visiting my humble live diary. 
Appreciate your time.

So, first time here? No worries, 
you may take your time reading my oldest post on your free time. 
If you interested of doing so. No force. 
Well today I would like to suggest you guys 
to read one of my previous post first. 

This would be the second episode for above post.

Today, first time in my life, first time in the career, 
I was so speechless, lost and wohooo! 
WTF is happenin rite here rite now dude? 
WTH is dat?

For the first time here, i received a FO! 
even thought its not for me, But FO? 
how can u use such F word on formal matters?

FO is not a boo! 
If you can read between the line. 
or to those who used to the word only 
knew what does FO means. 
Fuck OFF! FO people?

I just dont understand this type of people. 
How can you FOR GOD sake, 
How can you judge the whole content 
just by the first 2 word of the subject line? 
You dont even finish reading the subject line, 
and you speculate the whole content?
Wow, you good man!
memang sedare pak belalang, you dude!

WOoooo, that one is awesome Carlo! 
Bravo to you smartness! Bravo dude!  
Seriously you did a good job there. Bravo! 
Seriously it shows your stupidness Carlo!  

Dah lama sangat kan aku tak mensaaruts ni? 
haaaaaaa dulu lepas habis college, 
aku da janji nak tinggalkan saarut2 ni. 
Terima kasih kerana buat aku tersarut2! 

I should join angry bird for Anger Management Now! 

Tetttttttttt After a second of joining anger management,
I just realized, Eh, I can handle high working Pressure.
No worries. 

Shhhheeettt !

Blog Owner is not Cool Yet!
You can try to approach her the next day.
Thank you.


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