Friday, February 17, 2012

Nandos Perli KFC


Selepas insiden Pekerja KFC menumbuk pelanggan mereka di KFC I-city (which the customer reserved the penumbuk), Nandos mengeluarkan advertisement mereka yang berbaur perli untuk KFC. I shall say, NANDOS good at making fun of their competitor. Yet people still choose to spend their money to KFC & McDonald. *Wink*

Malaysia - Taking a cheeky swipe at KFC for its latest customer brawl scandal, Nando's Malaysia is running an online campaign which reads "We're good at punchlines not punches".

Uploaded on the Nando's official Facebook page, the tagline of the ad is followed by:
"At Nando's, we're always about putting a smile on your face, instead of a fist. So for that, why not pop into our restaurants and enjoy our world-famous Peri-Peri chicken that packs a real, tasty punch."

According to a Nando's spokersperson, the ad was mainly to remind customers of its excellent service and "best tasting Peri-Peri Flame-Grilled Chicken."

KFC was recently put on the spot with a video of its customers being assaulted by its worker at one of its outlets, doing rounds in the online space.  

Nando's ‘punchy' new online ad saw over with over 3000 ‘likes' and ‘shares' on Facebook after being uploaded last afternoon, drawing many comments by netizens praising the clever ad.

Upon the ad being uploaded the company said it has seen a high level of customer engagement on both its Facebook and twitter pages, however, the number of fans/followers increased is yet to be ascertained. This is not the first time the company is taking a dig at its competitor. Last year the brand launched a multi-platform marketing campaign "PERI-volutionise Your Health" along the same lines.

The campaign featured a fictional, South African, General Kenako, in a parody of KFC's loved Colonel Sanders character, and ran with the tagline "our general beats your colonel".
Creative Juice\SIL is Nando's agency in the market. (A+M)


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