Thursday, February 9, 2012

SELF MOTIVATION : All men are worthy!

All men are worthy and no one is useless 
We are likely to conclude that an employee is useless simply because he has performed unsatisfactorily in a certain job. But in truth, the fault is ours; we have failed to bring out the best in him. It is important to believe that all people are worthy and useful. 
There are few things that can be highlighted from the statement mentioned before.

 First is TEAMWORK.
TEAMWORK is the most important element in the definition of group work. Johann Wolfgang says;

“Knowing is not enough, we must Apply! Willing is not enough, we must Do!’

Knowing what is teamwork is nothing if you do not know how to apply in your team, thus, you should be part of the team, be practical and work together. Without strong teamwork, people will easily blaming each other even though it is not their fault. Without solid teamwork, we will never achieve the team goal. We often have the selfishness in ourselves that could cause team de-motivation. Hence it is important to remove the selfishness in ourselves and work together as ONE TEAM!

One goal is made of believe in ourselves plus trust in others as one team and achieved the goal set. Teamwork is all about divides the task among the team member and multiplies the success. The trust in others comes when the task divided to team member. The goal can be achieved when you believe in yourself and you believe in other’s ability. That is why the team will have the full control to determine the goal outcomes. 

So, if you do not believe in yourself, you don’t trust other’s ability, you don’t trust other’s strength, you don’t believe on other’s idea and experience, you and your team will never achieved any goal set and you will never improved. 

So believe in each other is the key to success when you work in team. 

In a team no matters what happened you have to be Positive! There is always a way to solved problem. Do not make things worse, solved the problem on your way which suits others. If one person does not make a moved then forever your team will never be able to change things.

Or perhaps you and your team could find something positive to say to yourself and repeat them often. Use statements such as "We a very positive person," "We are very capable," "We can do anything when we put our mind to work on it," and "We can do it."

Fourth is HELP OTHERS, and Others will Help you.
Not everyone is capable of doing things. But as team member, we can help each other, by identifying everyone weaknesses and turn them to team’s strength. That is why All men are worthy because each one of us have our own strength and weaknesses. So do not blame others weaknesses or others fault as you are not perfect either.

So, how to solve this imperfectness in ourselves?
We have to work as team! Share the strength! And multiplies the success and the outcomes!

Lastly, Group brainstorming!
Having a group brainstorming is essential as it can be seen as the most important element when it comes to job quality. This is a great medium or session which group members gather together to discuss about how to improve the team work? How to improve the team’s attitude? How to create a good working environment? How to increase team’s motivation? How to handle this? How to handle that? How to solve this? And, how to solve that?

By doing this, we could improved our job quality, increase team member’s motivation, improve workplace environment and this will lead to good branding when clients able to see the strong team work between the employee.

So, that is all for today. Thank you for your time.

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