Friday, February 3, 2012

TECH : Wordpress Vs. Joomla

Benefits of using WordPress


Whether you are building a website yourself or someone is doing it for you, make sure that it is being supported as WordPress content management system because the benefits of using WordPress is simply amazing! You might be hiring someone to do all the work of web developing for you, and you might not be familiar with the technical area of a website such as HTML and programming matters. But with WordPress, you can be sure that everything is as easy as it is.

With WordPress as content management system, you can be sure to have easy control over your site’s content regardless of technical literacy in HTML. WordPress offers multiple users to access the backend of the site at anytime. This means anyone with given permission can access and change the content of their website at any time at all.

In fact if you are keen to try on WordPress, it would be easier than you thought to create a complete website using some of the pre-installed template. WordPress has abundance of resources for you to choose from the plugins and also the theme’s for websites. There are many third party that are developing new themes for WordPress everyday, some are free and some are not. But what it really gives you is the complete control as a user with minimum technical knowledge required.

Aside from having that full control over the website. You website stands a better chance to beat others in search engine. WordPress is known for one of the best content management system that provides great on-page SEO feature. This means you can easily customize the keywords that will help to improve the visibility of the search result in search engine.

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