Monday, March 5, 2012

Girls are Complicated

Yes, Girls are complicated to understand! Difficult to predict!

Girls are like additional Math. 

Complicated question, that come with unpredictable solution with varieties of formula with only One answer.

Sample :
If girls say A, 
She hope that you could say A plus supportive statement to say A is the right choice for both of you.

Then you say B, which totally against the A.
She's hurt. but she never show you. instead 

She support your B, with B+ and C statement to support your B. 
So she try to make your B is the most right choice so you cant feel her heartache, she now hurt.

Then when you say okay. the only answer she have is ONE.


Boys think Girls are like chemistry.  

You can mixed her with varieties of feeling and chemical, you think you can burn them, you can freeze them, you can compare them with other solution, you can stir them, and you think she can produce you the same result .  but you totally forgot, there are certain chemical and solution when you mixed them, play with them, they will produce you more than only one result.

Sample :
You give them A, You mixed them with B, You stir them with C spatula, You pour them D solution, You shake them with E, You Freeze them, you burn them with G. You think girls dont have feeling?

your end result will be : ABD3-oxide + hurt + Sad + Angry 

NOTE : Girls feeling is made from a very sensitive molecule and atom which have a high tendency to be broken.

 Conclusion :

So, there is no solution to this. But you can still try to make thing less difficult by mastering all subject! Understand them better, remember the formula, master all the solutions.

Idea by,
Prof. Blog Owner.
Phd in Girl's Feeling!   

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