Thursday, March 29, 2012

Things NEVER say to your BOSS!

haaaaa! whatss up people? Gentar tak dengan titile tuuuu? Bagi yang dah lama masuk kerja, mungkin korang da ade pengalaman, how to handle your BOSS! or perhaps you all dah belajar, Which Word to AVOID while talking to your boss.

Bagi Adik2 yang baru je graduate, yang baru sahaja nak masuk kerja, welome to the club! Mesti you all berkobar-kobar ni nak mula kerja kan? okay, Adeeb faham you all baru je graduate, fresh from Oven gitu, So, you all mesti ade mission, to change the company's tradition. Its Good! Yes, you have plenty of IDEA, to change here and there, to help here and there, Good Idea poeple! keep it up.

However, I would like to share with you guys about few words/ we call it dirty words to avoid while talking to your superior or to your boss! Lets check out The DO's and DONT's :

1. "I need a raise."

Never enter salary negotiations talking about what you need -- because of rising costs or a new expense, for instance. Your employer doesn't care about your financial problems. However, management probably does want to reward success and keep high-performing employees satisfied. A raise request should always be supported by evidence of what you've achieved for the company -- along with information about what people with your responsibilities typically earn.

2. “That just isn’t possible.”

Always speak to your boss in terms of what can be done. For instance, rather than saying “We can’t get this done by Friday,” say “We could definitely get this done by Monday, or if we brought in some freelance help, we could meet the Friday deadline.” When you talk to your boss, think in terms of solving problems for her, not in terms of putting problems on her plate.

3. “I can’t stand working with ____.”

Complaining about a coworker's personality usually reflects more poorly on you than on the coworker. Don’t make these kinds of conflicts your boss’s problem. Of course, management is interested in problems that jeopardize the company's ability to function. If you have to speak to HR about a problem such as a colleague's threatening, illegal or unethical behavior, keep your tone professional and the focus on work -- not personal issues. 

4. “But I emailed you about that last week.”

Alerting your boss to a problem via email doesn't absolve you of all responsibility for it. Bosses hate the "out of my outbox, out of my mind" attitude. Keep tabs on all critical issues you know about -- and keep checking in until you hear a firm "You don't need to worry about that anymore."

5. “It’s not my fault.”

Are you a whiny 8-year-old or a take-charge professional? Assume responsibility and take steps to fix a problem that you did, in fact, create. And if you are being wrongly blamed for a problem, saying “Let’s get to the bottom of this” or “What can we do to make it right?” is much more effective than saying “It’s not my fault.”

6. "I don't know.”

If your boss asks you a question you can’t answer, the correct response is not "I don't know." It's "I'll find out right away."

7. “But we've always done it this way."

You may find yourself with a new boss who wants to try new things -- and the best way to present yourself as a workplace relic is to meet change with a "we do it this way because this is the way we do it" attitude. When a brainstorming session takes place, be part of it and stay open to new ideas. If you have concerns about a new idea's feasibility, say "I think for this to work, we will have to…" Don't kill new ideas with negativity. 

So, Instead of using those bad word, why don't you twist it? during year plus of working, I've learn lot of things. Its not the matter of what you say, but its the matter of how you talk. For every negative, explain it in positive way. and starts making the different!


KINDLY TAKE NOTE, Do not KIPASS your boss! Bosses are way brilliant than you. They can smell you. STOP pretending. be yourself! cz you can sound so annoying to your colleagues! haaaaaaa tau kan annoying korang??!

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