Saturday, April 7, 2012

Colours Name!

Source : Google

Hi everyone, Good day to you. Wish you have a great weekend. This is just a short entry to share you some colour's name in the world. Hope this could help you to plan your colour for your big day! Its great to know their special name, then having trouble explaining the colours character to other people like follows :

"Alaaaa I like the pink one, Not soo pink and not so red laaa. its in the middle of pink and red with a drop of purple a bit in the colour. You get what I mean may (man)?" 

"Ohhh, I choose Green for my day! You know alaaa green like Mak Peah punye dress last week when we saw her. That green laaaa ! Alaaa this green not very green laaa. sweet green laaa got blue blue a bit! I dono laaa how to explain, later u see la."

"Eh, I like to use grey for my wedding! alaaa not kelaabu taik2 itik one, its lite grey but sweet one! not so dark one! Its not silver maaa, silver is shiny shiny, may may if you donno how the colour look like may, You see la my colour later okay may (Man)?"

" You know ahhh, I like colour like Yusry and Lisa Surihanii one! I think the colour is cream france! ( Ahhhh sudaaaahhh siap gune name country lagi kau jahhhh kelassss sangat kau!) you know cream france france? alaaa sweet cream laaa..more to pink pink but not so pink one! difficult laaa to explain! tu laaa I ask you to read magazine you dont want! see now cream france also u donno! what la uuu!"

Is it really difficult to mention colours we like?
If you like pink say it oh I like Pale Violet Red!
If you like Cream says Misty Rose!
If you like purple, tell Plum or Violet!
And If you like yellow mention khaki or wat so ever!
Easy mizy rite, friends?
Short and simple, Straight to the point rite? 

So here I attached colours name for your reference.
 happy Hafal-ing your colours name, people!
I pun tengah nak hafal ni. 

Source: Google

Cheers, and enjoy your great weekend!

Assalamulaikum dari,

p/s : Jangan Lupa senyum semua!

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