Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Nandos Perli Bukit Bintang

 Nandos Perli Bukit Bintang?

Haaaaa amacam korang ade bran ke? 
Berani buat Advertisement yang bagi double Meaning?
Alah, kalau Nandos buat Advertisement bukan takat Double Meaning, 
Macam-macam meaning lah kita leh define Advertisement dia.

Jadinya jangan laaa hairan kenapa Adeeb suka sangat dengan Nandos!
The reason Why I loved Nandos is, how they advertise their Print Ads.  
Besides their Chicken Peri-Peri.
The way they Advertise is sooooo creative and so Double meaning!
Bukan di Malaysia sahaja, tapi diseantaro Pelusuk Dunia ni.
Mat sallehnya kate WorldWide la!

Good job to Nandos! I would love to work with them if there is an opportunity For me. LOL
Okay back to topic. 
Back Back Back.

Last time korang boleh nampak Ads ni dibukit bintang :

 Laaa ni mereka change pulak. 
Dah tak syok laaa Asyik nk advertise "Ayam" je kan? 
So diaorang ni Advertise Tourism Malaysia pulak.
"Jom Jalan - Jalan Cari Ayam"

 Mentang-mentang kat Bukit Bintang Ade Chicken~~~
 teeeeetttttttttttttttttttttttt ^^,

Jom , tunggu ape lagi Jom laaa Cari Ayam!
Ayam Peri Peri yang Lezaaaaatttt~

Teringin nak belanja orang makan Nandos
Blog Owner

Post ni Adalah Sambungan Nandos Series

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Life is an experiment

Life Quote

Yes True, Life is an experiment !
You make mistake, and you learn, 
You learn, and you improve, 
You Improve, and its getting better!

Yes True, Life is an experiment !
When you start to walk, and you fall,
When you fall, you never give up,
When you never give up and you wakes up, 
When you wake up, You know, its getting better!

So here we go, Life is an experiment !
So, don't be afraid to experience and to explore new things!

The one who don't know how to cook and the one who will always make mistake and hanguskan kuali.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday and It's Raining

Anyone who Thinks that Sunshine is Pure Happiness, 
Has Never Danced in the Rain!

And I would suggest you to listen to this, and enjoy your Rainy Saturday morning


How To Reject A Sponsorship Request

Hi Blogger and Visitor, 

I have been working for more than a year plus now. And I came across so many sponsorship request mostly from NGO and Educational Institution. It is an honor to help this community and to support them in term of money, energy, and time. Sometimes it is just we are simply unable to commit to another monetary donation, despite our honest wishes to support them.

Fundraiser request mostly come by mail. 
The question here is, how to write a letter to reject or to decline this sponsorship request? 

You may have the same question too when you are returning their email in the same time, you know that you do not want to hurt them. 

Returning a simple and elegant written decline will be the most diplomatic way to let the sender know you are unable to contribute to the cause. Perhaps below tips could help you in the future.

You may Start the letter by addressing the person or organization who wrote to you.

For example,
"Dear Ms. Chan," or "To the Charitable Organization". 

Write a first paragraph that acknowledges you received the fundraiser request and that you are aware of the goals of the person or group. Thank the sender for including you in the fundraiser in order to set a supportive tone in the letter. 

For example,
"Thank you for your email and thank you for your kind considering (Your Company Name/Organization) as one of the join sponsor for (Event Name) tournament."

Write a second paragraph that states that you will not be able to contribute to the fundraiser. Keep the decline simple and straightforward. 

For example, 
"However, It is with regret that we unable to assist as we are currently busy with some project and not be able to participate for your event."

Close the letter by stating that you would like to remain in contact for future fundraisers and possible future donations. This closing will let the organization know that you appreciate their efforts.
For example,  
"Our company appreciate the importance of corporate giving, particularly when the beneficiary is an educational institution, and we would be honored to be considered again in the future. 
Continue your wonderful work and keep us posted on any future Events to which we may be able to contribute."

At the end, you may Sign the letter with a closer such as
For example,
"Sincerely Yours"
"Best Wishes"
Followed by your signed name on the following line.

Some bosses or even me, we could have the same expression when receiving this sponsorship request. The first expression would be like below ; LOL

Best Wishes to All Sponsee and Sponsor

Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Quote

Lets start our day with bismillah, Insyaallah everything will run smoothly.

"Keep Inspired, Be Happy and live your life to the fullest!"-adibahrisha

 Happy Friday blogger, Visitor, Lover, friends, and family. Wish you have  a great day Ahead!



Friday, October 5, 2012

Cara-Cara Clash Budak Sekolah

Dibawah ini adalah cara-cara budak zaman sekarang nak mintak clash. Jom chekidaut ;

Student Kimia

Saya banyak terdedah dgn bahan kimia, saya takut tak dpt beri zuriat. Kita berpisah eh? "

Student Fizik 

"Saya belajar pasal fizik kuantum yg tak nampak, jadi saya tak nampak awak dlm diri saya. Kita clash"

Student Matematik 

"Saya dah buat kira-kira guna limit function, mmg sampai sini saja limit perhubungan kita"

Student Biologi

 Maaf, saya dah jatuh cinta dengan serangga dan tumbuh-tumbuhan. Bukan dgn awak lagi"

Student Pergigian

 "Saya tahu yg cinta awak palsu sepalsu gigi palsu! Nyenyenye."

Student Perundangan 

 "Talk to the hand, see you in court!"

Student Sains Politik

 "Awak dah tahu saya ni Pro-Aspirasi, yang awak undi Pro-M pasal apa? Kita break!!" LOL

Student Seni

 "Gaya awak tak cukup abstrak untuk menambat hati saya. Maaf"

Student Pengajian Islam 

"saya solat istikharah malam tadi dan sorry, awak tak ada dalam petunjuk masa depan saya".

Nasib Baik Tunang aku Study Mechanical

"Let me fix your heart baby, and do maintenance whenever necessary thus you will be mine forever!"

hahahahah. okay la you all. diatas hanya lah gurauan semata-mata ya.

Sayang kamu,
Blog Owner.

How Nandos Advertise their brand.

Nandos is notorious for pushing the envelope when it comes to its ads. 
Sometimes politically incorrect or risque, their ads are often censored. 
Take a look at these ads, and decide whether they take things a little too far. 
The humour in many of these ads can only be appreciated if you are aware of current affairs. 

Some of these ads stretch back a few years, but see whether you can relate them to a particular context. Other ads shown here use pun to create humor.

Below Are Nandos Malaysia Ads.

Compliment to Dato' LCW for Olympic Games.

Nandos Perli KFC.

Selepas insiden Pekerja KFC menumbuk pelanggan mereka di KFC I-city (which the customer reserved the penumbuk), Nandos mengeluarkan advertisement mereka yang berbaur perli untuk KFC. I shall say, NANDOS good at making fun of their competitor.

Source : Google

This Advertisement found in Bukit Bintang.
'Di Sini Banyak Ayam! Ayam Peri- Peri'

Seriously Ayam??
hahaha since bukit Bintang terkenal dengan Ayam, 
so Nandos in a way advertise their chick chicken too at a strategic location!

Double meaning anyone?LOL

WTF has been used in one of their Advertisement.
daaafuuuqq LOL??

We know where our cocks have been? hahahaha?

Halal. No beer no nothing!

At Nando's, our world-famous peri-peri chicken is no security risk to your health, simply because only A-grade chicken can become Nando's Chicken, Never fried in oil, but flame-grilled to perfection and basted to your choice of peri-peri. No cholesterror u alll !!!

1 thing advertiser should learn from Nandos; 
"Maintain the way you reach your audience. Once you use this way, make it this way!"

Nandos Lover,
Blog Owner!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Get Well Soon

Hi awak while Im writing this, 
Its already 2am in the morning. 
Since I cant sleep, So I prepare this Get well Soon Wishes for you. 
Wish you Get well soon, so we can have a time for ice cream - Together! 
Promise saya akan belanja awak ice cream McD

Get Well Soon Wishes for Fiance

Oh Dear Seriously, I missed you like crazy (katanye) ! 
And one more, cant wait for this weekend! 
apa lah agaknya yang kita akan belajar weekend ni eh? 
Cara-cara menjaga baby? 
cara-cara menyuap baby? or 
cara-cara nak tukar pampers baby? 
Oh tidak!!!! 

Weekend Checklist 
2days Kursus Kahwin
Sunday hangout with BFF @ Midvalley.
Sunday Nite ; FSIL's Birthday.

Yang rasa macam busy je;
Blog Owner who loves to smile!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Langkah Pertama - Berubah!

Susahnya nak mengubah nasib kalau tak berusaha. 
Inilah masa untuk Adeeb Make up my mind.
 I need to do something! 
I need to do something that could change the whole me! 
I need to do something so I can help my parent, myself and for the sake of future.

If NIKE Juts Do it, So am I!
I can Do it! 

So as first step, 
I make an appointment with one of my FB friend... 
Will meet her so she can advice me on how can I change my life and be healthy. 
Please pray for me.

Semangat Waja!!!
Blog Owner!

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