Thursday, October 4, 2012

Get Well Soon

Hi awak while Im writing this, 
Its already 2am in the morning. 
Since I cant sleep, So I prepare this Get well Soon Wishes for you. 
Wish you Get well soon, so we can have a time for ice cream - Together! 
Promise saya akan belanja awak ice cream McD

Get Well Soon Wishes for Fiance

Oh Dear Seriously, I missed you like crazy (katanye) ! 
And one more, cant wait for this weekend! 
apa lah agaknya yang kita akan belajar weekend ni eh? 
Cara-cara menjaga baby? 
cara-cara menyuap baby? or 
cara-cara nak tukar pampers baby? 
Oh tidak!!!! 

Weekend Checklist 
2days Kursus Kahwin
Sunday hangout with BFF @ Midvalley.
Sunday Nite ; FSIL's Birthday.

Yang rasa macam busy je;
Blog Owner who loves to smile!

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