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How To Reject A Sponsorship Request

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I have been working for more than a year plus now. And I came across so many sponsorship request mostly from NGO and Educational Institution. It is an honor to help this community and to support them in term of money, energy, and time. Sometimes it is just we are simply unable to commit to another monetary donation, despite our honest wishes to support them.

Fundraiser request mostly come by mail. 
The question here is, how to write a letter to reject or to decline this sponsorship request? 

You may have the same question too when you are returning their email in the same time, you know that you do not want to hurt them. 

Returning a simple and elegant written decline will be the most diplomatic way to let the sender know you are unable to contribute to the cause. Perhaps below tips could help you in the future.

You may Start the letter by addressing the person or organization who wrote to you.

For example,
"Dear Ms. Chan," or "To the Charitable Organization". 

Write a first paragraph that acknowledges you received the fundraiser request and that you are aware of the goals of the person or group. Thank the sender for including you in the fundraiser in order to set a supportive tone in the letter. 

For example,
"Thank you for your email and thank you for your kind considering (Your Company Name/Organization) as one of the join sponsor for (Event Name) tournament."

Write a second paragraph that states that you will not be able to contribute to the fundraiser. Keep the decline simple and straightforward. 

For example, 
"However, It is with regret that we unable to assist as we are currently busy with some project and not be able to participate for your event."

Close the letter by stating that you would like to remain in contact for future fundraisers and possible future donations. This closing will let the organization know that you appreciate their efforts.
For example,  
"Our company appreciate the importance of corporate giving, particularly when the beneficiary is an educational institution, and we would be honored to be considered again in the future. 
Continue your wonderful work and keep us posted on any future Events to which we may be able to contribute."

At the end, you may Sign the letter with a closer such as
For example,
"Sincerely Yours"
"Best Wishes"
Followed by your signed name on the following line.

Some bosses or even me, we could have the same expression when receiving this sponsorship request. The first expression would be like below ; LOL

Best Wishes to All Sponsee and Sponsor

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