Friday, March 15, 2013

Good Blog Traffic

Helo everyone. its has been a time.
well lets move on since i didnt have much time. Blogger, 
do you agree with me when I say a good blog traffic is driven by
keyword that the writer use in their article? then Mr google crawled the keyword and when stalker or searcher could find what they want to find, the article they want is appear within top 5 in search engine.
Blogger do you agreed if I say a good blog meaning doing the writing to promote one product and they never request for a money? wohoooooo we called it free marketing services. An established brand loves free marketing as to strengthen their product n services.  An established company loves social media. How can a good brand do not use social media. how can it be?

okay back to the subject. and if u agreed for the doubt i have above, then i shall say my blog traffic is health enough, rite?
Google tq for bringing me good traffic  

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