Monday, April 14, 2014

Dear Lil One

Dear Lil One,

You are 29 weeks and 4 days today. 

Which mean I have at least 73 days to go to prepare your stuff. We may not be rich, but we assure you that we will provide everything you need. Oh ya, umi nak share something with you. Last week babah bring me to Klinik Dr. Fauziah, Ampang. We are so curious with your gender. So we decide to scan you using 3D and 4D.

Guest what, we have to wait at least one hour before our turn, just because the baby before you, merajok do not want to show his face to Doctor and his parent. The Sonographer Ms Jezzlynn Told me this waktu sampai our turn.

So lepas umi and babah masuk room tu, Ms Jezlynn tu ask me to baring first. Fuhhh I tell you, banyak gile equipment and monitor dia so big. While she get prepared to show you to us, Babah is just sitting at chair and he look excited. I've never seen him like that.

Since he is so excited, he want to capture my picture. Unfortunately, he forgot to silent his phone. KECEPEKKKKK!!!! Oh myyy myyy myy his phone punya camera sound i tell you, if umi punya kulit is white, surely blushing punyalah. sebab malu. I told him so many time, to silent his phone before taking picture.

Okay When Ms Jezzlynn is ready, So she start to move the 2D scanner around umi's tummy. First I saw Black and White la.  okay we are getting more exicted when she start to do 3D. Then Oh lil one pengarang jantung hati umi babah. No wonder!

Waktu scanner to smpai kat your face, you are sleeping sayang. Itu statement yang sopanlah. You are sleeping. But, I tell you, your tangan and kaki, semua cover your muka. you memang malu ke ape time tu? Ke you tengah nak jadi ahli gymnastic?

You dont want to show us your full face. So Ms Jezlynn got to ask me to mengiring sedikit so she can wake you up. She uli-uli perut umi and say this :

"Babyyyyyy, bangunlahhh....Mama and papa wanna see your face." She pujuk you. I smile. Babah, he senyum while his eyes not move at all from the monitor.

"Babyyyy tepi sikit tangan tuuuu" Said Ms Jezzlynn again. And you move your hand and leg a bit. After you move, we cant stop laughing and shock that you making such expression. You are not comfortable when she wake you up. Your eyebrow berkerut exactly like your babah when i woke him up. I laugh but in the same time, I was so touched. I nearly wanna cry seeing you. My lil one, I love you.

Tak cukup dengan kening berkerut, your sweet lil lips, muncung like you wanna say this;

"Ummmmmmmm siapaaaa yang kejutkan saya tidur ni? I wanna sleeepppp moreeee moreee moreee laaaa umi, babah. I dont want to wake up."hahahaha please behave ya bila you da besar nanti. tak mo bawak perangai babah sangat. hehehehe

Lepas you move your hand and kaki sikit tu, you dont even wake up ya. you are still sleeping. We got to see your full face, Ms Jezzlynn to cakap your lips follow babah's lips while your nose, inherited from me. Auccchhh Lil bit 'Mancung' lah kalau follow umi. hahahah

Lepas tu, when scanner to move dekat your gender, Oh My, you use to nyorokkan your gender when umi buat 2D scan dekat klinik lain, but this time, you proudly wanna show us your gender. Hahahaha Hero umi babah!

Lepas tu, Ms Jezzlynn scan again to your face, Lepas tu you bagi Kick kat scanner tu. You memang active sangat. No wonder umi selalu rase you tengah training football dalam tu.

Alhamdulillah, you sihat sayang. Umi and Babah cant wait to see you. Please be healthy and grow up ya sayang. Tinggal 2 bulan je. Lepas tu, Umi and babah boleh hug you.

Okay below is some of the picture for you. So in the future you got to see you in my tummy. I can only show you this since your paternal grandma want to make everything so exclusive and refure to give us permission to show your picture more to public.

Apa-apa pun, I love you. I love you, and I love you.

Love Umi,
The Blog Owner.

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