Friday, January 2, 2015

Instant Shawl From Zalora

The Islamic fashion industry is hitting the scene with designers creating new designs of not only muslimah wears but stunning head scarves. Muslim women wear head scarves to cover their hair but there is nothing wrong in styling it up a notch. 

Fashion designers have come up with various new designs of hijabs which includes the instant shawl. Some career women may be rushing to go to work or appointments, mother’s busy picking up their kids from school and working moms who are running errands to balance their life. Due to the reason, these powerful ladies need to wear head scarves which are stylish but very easy to wear on the go. 

Zalora Instant Shawl
Zalora Instant Shawl

There are 3 designs of instants shawls which are perfect for the busy ladies to flaunt every time they step out of the house. The first instant shawl is suitable for women who love taking care of their health and well-being. 

The basic plain hijab will be the perfect choice to wear as it is simple and modest to wear on a day out exercising. The second type of instant shawl is a wrap-around scarf design on an easy-to-wear tudung inner. Women can chose from the wide range of colourful trendy patterns and match it nicely with their outfits. Whether to work, on a vacation or a casual day with friends, the instant shawl is comfortable to be shown off anywhere you go.

The third instant shawl is a ready-to-wear hijab that has a contrasting pattern combined together with a plain matte colour. This shawl is perfect for women who want a more humble approach while still maintaining a slight touch of femininity. Women can definitely style their hijabs without having to stand in front of the mirror for long. 

To grab this easy yet trendy instant shawl collection,Check out ZALORA instant shawl online today!

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